Surviving Second Year


1st – Hope

2nd & 3rd-  Get Set For KU!

4th- Outside.

5th- Happy Birthday Daddy

6th- I’m awake

7th-  The Drive

8th- One step at a time 

9th- Getting my teeth stuck in

10th- LISTEN UP! Suicide Prevention Day 2014

11th- Counting down

13th- A certain little lady 

14th- Cupcake Queen! 

15th- Kicking off birthday week! 

16th – Exactly a year…

17th- The new adult 

18th- Birthday music

19th- It’s my birthday!!! (one day late!)

20th & 21st- The end of birthday week

22nd – Sleep is NOT for the weak 

23rd- Reasons why being in second year is AWESOME 

24th- ‘A smile is the best make up a girl can wear’ 

25th-  Healthy body (image) healthy mind

26th- Showing the Freshers how to do it/ Open Day madness

27th- Our Boys, Our girls. 

29th- Hello second year!

30th- Getting healthy? 


1st – The inside

2nd – Speaking Out for Mental Health – I’m a guest speaker!! 

3rd- Shoppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

5th-My Sunday in Pictures: Young Adult Literature Festival and pub time with the girls

7th- Alone time 

8th- Books can open doors

9th- Where do I come from?

11th- National Coming Out Day: To You

14th- My Big Mouth: Experience, experience, experience! 


16th- ‘I’m a mess right now’

17th- My Big Mouth: Is it that much of a big deal?

18th- Rocking the night away – Oxjam Kingston

19th- An Autumn walk along the Thames 

21st-  Finding new loves 

22nd-Giddy Up! My first time horse riding! 

23rd- Last Night

27th- I keep finding myself in the bar..

28th- Party over here, party over there

29th- Argh!

31st- Something chocolaty this way comes


1st- A girls deserves a treat once in a while

2nd- Happy Birthday Ali!

5th- One of the best days of my life

6th- I finally get to go home!

7th-  Ok so it might be getting close to Christmas

8th – My Big Mouth: Boy or Girl?

9th – Not so little (my sister)

11th- Just get it right! (Recording sessions)

12th- The power of animals

14th- Waiting for the end of the week 

16th- Come on Cougars!

17th- Being Honest.

20th- Thank you

23rd- I snore 

25th- Struggle 

26th- Tonight Alive at Koko, Camden 

30th- Locked Out 


3rd- Hello waffles, goodbye skinny jeans 

4th- Geek Out! Lecture Life 

5th- Pjs, Assignments and Turkey Dinosaurs- Friday night madness

7th- Zoella who? Ghost Writers should get credit! 

9th- How to explain Head Sick – Mental Health 

10th- My First Gymkhana! 

11th- 5 years later…

12th-  Couple time 🙂

14th- Russell Howard round 2! 

16th- Finally: Getting back to myself

17th- Visitors 

18th- I’m so lucky! 

19th- Did I just go back in time? 

20th- Grandparents

22nd- Making the princess smile

23rd- Learning the ways of a horse rider!

24th- Being well at Christmas

26th – Boxing Day

31st – Goodbye 2014, what a year!


1st – New Year, Same me / 10 signs you may be a book worm

3rd- Writer Life

4th – Dear Gary Barlow

5th – Me time

7th- Working on it, thoughts, plans and blogging

8th – 10 Short Girl Problems

10th – Last night.

11th – Art will win

13th – Trying to be ‘perfect’

15th – Manic, Manic, Manic

16th/17th – No People Club Play Central London!!!

18th – Relaxing with Rubey

19th – It Got Me! 

21st – Trying. 

23rd – Gigs.

25th – Back at the Keyboard (Finally)

27th- לא נשכח אותם – WE WILL NOT FORGET THEM

29th January Payday/Meday 

30th – Horses with Mum and Sums 

31st – 10 Reasons Being a Student is the Best 


1st – The Pier 

3rd – A little message to my friends

4th – Evening Thoughts 

5th –  Harry Potter Book Night!

7th-  My Big Mouth: If it’s not your body, it’s not your decision


10th- 10 things that helped get me out of a low mood (and can hopefully help you too!)

11th- Picture of the day!

12th- Why I Love being a Godmother

13th – Back to Basingstoke

14th – Loving You

15th – Breaking Out

17th – Postmodern Jukebox

18th – No People Club are awesome

20th – Being a ‘Game Changer’

21st – Paracetamol Party

22nd – I’m Sick

23rd- KU Talent Awards I’m coming for you!

25th – Have you noticed something a little different?

26th- Where in the world – places to visit

27th – Eating Disorders Awareness week

28th – Music is my cure


1st – One day at a time 

3rd – Happy Birthday my Eleanor!

4th – Lookin’ good

6th – Out we go! 

7th – Hello London

8th – One of the hardest goodbyes 

10th – Specific Learning Difficulties Conference 

12th – Pre Assignment Panic 

13th – And the winner is…me! 

14th – On the road again

15th – 5 reasons my Mum is the absolute best

16th – I want to do EVERYTHING

18th – I’m President!

19th – Disney Love 

20th – My head is about to explode 

21st- Being Brave 

24th – The only disability is a bad attitude – working with DEAF

25th – I’m going to Athens!

26th – So Many Positive Things! 

27th – Fighting Cocks!

28th – My Big Mouth: Stigma Needs to Stop

29th – Living in the Library 

30th – J.K Rowling quote

31st -Phones Woes


1st- April Already! 

2nd- Basingstoke Boredom

3rd- Great Friday (Sister Silliness)

4th- UKIP have invaded my home town

5th- Easter Weekend love

7th – Motivation…Where are you? 

9th – I finally have a phone!

10th – Tired 

11th – A long drive 

12th- One of the family

13th – Northern Adventures and Shopping

14th – It’s not just escaping 

15th – Road Trip with the girls

16th – I don’t want to grow up yet!

17th – Book Review – The Book Thief

20th – 6 things about my amazing Nanna

21st- Meet Noodle and Hamski

22nd- Read, Write, Sleep, Repeat

23rd – Book Review If I stay – Gayle Foreman

25th – A bit of a tumble

27th – Back in the saddle

28th – A point where everything is meh

30th- Book Review – Where Love Lies – Julie Cohen


1st- Why don’t I study Music? 

2nd – Seeing the Vamps with Sums 

3rd – Get on with it Girl! 

4th – Feeling down quote 

7th – Book Review: Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig 

8th – Being very lucky 

9th – Little things to cheer me up 

10th – I’m not giving up. 

11th – Silver Linings 

13th – I have to say it. 

14th – Things get better 

15th – I feel loved! 

16th – Mental Health Awareness Week

17th- Sundays 

19th – Wheelchairs, Goodbyes and Dinner Along the River

20th – Book Review: Breaking the Silence by Jo Milne 

21st – ‘All You Need is Positivity’ 

22nd- Dressing Up

23rd- Society Awards 2015!!!

My Big Mouth: Ireland Changes the World: Take note USA

25th- 10 things I’ve learnt in the past month

27th- Banishing Body Blues 

28th- Perspective

29th- Waiting pays off! My good news! 

30th- Why I’m going to Athens 

31st- Athens Bound! 


1st- Athens day 1: Ice cream, Exploring and My First Class

2nd- Athens day 2: Adventures, Feedback, Observing and Fro-Yo

3rd- Athens day 3: Open top bus tour, the Acropolis and working with me novel

4th- Athens day 4: Spine strike, stalker Pigeons and writing inspiration

5th- Athens day 5: My Last Class

6th- Athens Day 6: Adventure, Adventure, Adventure! Picture Special!

8th- 21 things to know about my Mum

9th- Frustrations and Fitness

11th- A little laugh with Katerina Vrana

12th- Paid internships exist! Staring my job as a Social Media Coordinator

13th- 5 confessions of all workaholics and how to beat them

14th- My self concious mind

15th- Sometimes positivity isn’t that easy

16th- Beating the lows! Tattoo time and making happiness happen

17th-  100 Questions – Get to know me!

20th- Chloe’s Book Haul

21st- Why Professor Stephen Hawking has become one of my heroes

22nd- Letting go and getting on with my life

23rd- Trusting yourself and why it’s so important

24th-  My Big Mouth: How about no means no Carter.

25th- The good news and the not so good news

26th-  My Big Mouth: Why love will ALWAYS win

27th- A Quarter Life Crisis (five years early) – Growing up, Meltdowns and Questions

28th- Liebster Award 

30th- Why I’m Not a Beauty Blogger 


1st- I’m meltinggggg

2nd- Book Review: How to be a Woman – Caitlin Moran 

3rd- 99 Beautifully Useless Questions

5th- Goodbyes

7th- Gone but not forgotten, remembering 7/7

9th- I can write a book…right? 

10th- Book Review: The Book Thief – Markus Zusak 

11th- Basingstoooooke 

12th- How am I really? 

13th- I miss fitness! My thoughts on ‘being brave’ and keeping going

14th- Education is a gift like no other 

15th- Why do I blog? Two years on and what started it all.

16th- Book Review: Go Set a Watchman – Harper Lee 

19th- My baby sister

20th- Harry Potter haul – Primark have done it again

21st- Versatile Blogger Award 

22nd- Living without DSA – An Anxious Summer 

23rd- Book Review: The Lost and The Found – Cat Clarke 

24th- Writer’s block 

26th- The Little Mermaid returns! 

27th- How Blogging has changed my life

28th- 10 Things not to say to a Writer 

29th- My Big Mouth: The Beautiful Game’s Fight with the Ugly Face of Sexism 

30th- Book Review: The Accident Season – Moïra Fowley – Doyle 

31st- Guess who’s heeeeeere!! 


1st- Paper Towns advanced screening

2nd- Sisters – The ride of my life

4th- Babyface strikes again

5th- Meeting Don Broco 

6th- Book Review: The Baby – Lisa Drakeford 

7th- Spine Update: 15 weeks in 

10th- 10 things I’ve learnt living with a boy

11th- Remembering Robin Williams, one year on 

12th- My experience of acupuncture 

13th- Book Review: Keep Your Friends Close – Paula Daly 

14th- My first book club! 

15th – 7 years, 7 facts 

16th- Film Review: Trainwreck 

17th- What I’m reading – August Bookhaul! 

18th – Who’s that girl? 

20th – Book Review: It’s Kind of a Funny Story 

21st- Other people can make all the difference 

22nd- What have I done this summer? 

23rd- 50 Questions for a busy mind 

24th- I have a crush on Amy Schumer

25th- My Little Monkeys – A family trip to Longleat 

27th- Book Review: The Fever / A Light at the end of the tunnel 

28th- Don’t blame the Goths and the Emos 

30th- A Girl Walks into a Comic Shop…

31st- I survived second year – 10 best bits! 

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