UKIP has invaded my home town

Farage meme

Most of the UK watched the Leaders debate this week and unfortunately UKIP were part of it. The,quite frankly racist, party showed themselves up again in the form of Farage, on basically every issue he blamed immigration or the EU, after a while I tuned out to his answers.

After shoving the nasty little man and his followers in the back of my brain imagine, you can imagine how shocked I was to find that a UKIP office had popped up in my home town. I was shocked, angry and in awe that the people of my town had let this monstrosity come to be. I’m not going to lie, I’m also a little terrified that they must have backing here although I don’t understand how.

I hope more than anything they never get into power in this country, because if they do we can kiss what we know as freedom, community and happiness goodbye.

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