Back to Basingstoke :)


Last night I took a train back to Basingstoke. After a lovely catch up with Eleanor I was in a good mood to head home, even if it was just for the day. I woke up this morning and actually forgot where I was for a second, that was until my dog and then my sister came to wake me up, although I’m pretty sure Lottie’s reasoning was to steal my bed (see the sleepy pup picture? She stayed like that for a good hour).

The reason I’d come home was to see Lexi for her 3rd Birthday! I had a small suitcase full of presents with me. Before that though I spent some time with Mum and with Sums before she went to school. Dad had already gone to work so I decided to persuade Mum to go to the horse riding shop to get some more Jodhpurs, not the kind of clothes shopping she looks forward to. I ended up leaving with two new shirts, Jodhpurs and a chew toy for the dog…spending more than I intended to…oops!


Then off to my grandparents, who are always pleased to see me, and were impressed with the pink shirt (my Mum and Nanna have been trying to get me to wear pink since I was about 14…it was a slight shock that I picked these out).

When it got to seeing Lucy and  baby girl though I was just so excited. I haven’t seen them since before Christmas with both of us being so busy. So as usual it took Lexi a while to get used to me again and we had to open her presents (the cheapest turned out to be her favourites at first!), as soon as she was though she took off. We had to ‘hide’ in the library and she seemed to forget Lucy was with us. We played and she showed me all the books she liked…including a childs version of Charles Dickens. I told her she wouldn’t like it (known that at 3 years old even a children’s version wasn’t going to be fun), but Lexi being Lexi (and definitely her mothers daughter) was stubborn ‘I like Dicken’s!’ she said and refused to let them go….maybe I should take her to my Victorian to Modernist Lectures?


Lex with her stack of Dicken’s books, you can see the stubbornness in her smile! 

It was a great afternoon full of cuddles and giggles and hand holding. The love I have for her I really can’t explain, she’s just incredible and so smart. She loves her Mum too, she’s so protective and sweet. Although once she loves you she really does, I know this when she got very concerned I’d disappeared when I went to get my food.


With Salt the rabbit and Woo the Dog. Both noisy, squeaky birthday presents the rabbit from Lucy’s brother and the dog from me….sorry Luce! 

It’s safe to say I’ve had a great day with family, all of them. I was excited to go home and excited to come back to Kingston. Now I’m in recording listening to Rhys beat the crap out of drums, hopefully it goes well after all I’m feeling pretty damn happy right now.


Cuddles with baby girl 

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