My Little Monkeys – Family Trip to Longleat


I spent today in the beautiful floods of an August’s day at Longleat Safari Park! It’s not often that I spend time with my little cousins all at the same time actually doing something together so we all got loaded up into two cars at 8am (I know, out of the house at that hour, it felt very alien) and headed down.

Of course seeing as we’d pre paid and planned the day it hammered down constantly, that said though it was a really great day. We say so many animals Giraffes that the kids could feed, Zebras, Deer (which got very friendly with us to the point of wanting to get in the car), Lions, Tigers and Wolves. The initial idea was to take my super awesome big camera and take a load of shots, but because of the rain the only ones I have aren’t that good and I haven’t managed to pinch my sisters for this blog!

I had to use a wheelchair again because it was just too much but it didn’t put a downer on the day. All the kids were fighting over who would push me, I had little Lola sitting on my lap for cuddles for the entire day. The torrential downpour did soak me through and make me so, so cold though, damn the British weather. I did do something a little differently though, after taking Lola through the Butterfly enclosure (her little face was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen) we came to a part where you could hold/ pet animals. Namely a Snake and a Tarantula. Yep. I don’t like snakes, I’ve held one before but I just don’t like the way they move, for some reason I wanted to hold the spider though, she was called Georgie the Chilian Rose Tarantula. Believe it or not she was actually pretty cute and super soft. Not something I ever thought I’d say.

Going at the age of 20 might be a little different from the last time I went, which was well over 10 years ago. I really enjoyed myself despite the rain and all. It might not seem super exciting but I don’t spend a lot of time with the little ones now that I’ve moved and they’re turning into such awesome little people 🙂

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