April already!


It’s April already…April! Apparently the time for Easter and sunshine and the blooms of spring, I don’t know about anyone else but all I saw today was rain and wind, oh and a little bit more rain. I suppose it’s going to be more April showers this month, which is a damn shame as the end of March was looking so lush.

When it’s cold, wet and rainy I just like to curl up with a blanket and either an Ali or a good book. Tonight I can only do one of those as I’m back in Basingstoke for a few days, yaaaay. So I’m missing an Ali and writing this super late because I can’t sleep. I know it’s not just because Ali’s not here, he was away all weekend and I slept fine, it may be because of the lack of double bed though…I’ve gotten way too used to it.

Anyway aside from my ramblings here are 5 pictureless things (phone has gone in for replacement/repair) that are going to be great about April.

1. Easter!!!! 

I’m not religious in the slightest, but a whole holiday where you get given chocolate? GIMMIE!

2. I’m finished with uni

No more 9am lectures, more time for a good mix of lie ins, day long practices. more horse riding and working to earn some moneeeeey.

3. A trip to Durham

I’m off to see Ali’s Dad’s side of the family up north this month, I know it will be bloody freezing but I’m excited to see everyone!

4. It’s one month until I head to Prague

Going on a mad one with my giiiiiiiiirrrrrrlllllls!

5. It’s one month until I travel to Athens

Sunshine, a week of solid writing and my first solo trip to another country eeeek!

Image found on Pinterest.

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