6 things about my amazing Nanna


Mum and Nanna last christmas

As much as I wanted a charmingly embarrassing picture of me and my Nanna from when I was little, I think they’re all been hidden, she’s pretty glam my Nan. So today is her 65th birthday and I could write pages and pages about this lovely lady I wanted to do one for the 6 and a half decades she’s been on this planet.

1. I don’t know anyone who loves pink more! 

If in doubt, go with pink. That’s just Nanna’s way.

2. She was able to put up with The Jungle Book and 101 Dalmations on repeat. every.single.day. 

So after I was born my Mum and I lived with my grandparents until I was almost 3 years old, while my Mum had to go to work I’d stay with Nanna. She must have watched those two films so many times and half memorised them that along with Tots TV, Come Outside, Noddy and so many more. Oh and there were farm trips too 😀

3. When I was younger she could make me fall asleep within 5 minutes 

Stroking my face and giving me a cuddle and I was out like a light…could still work now to be fair.

4. She’s a great peace maker

Every time I needed new school shoes, Nanna had to come because we NEVER agreed. While me and Mum would almost start world war 3 in the Clarks kids section, Nanna somehow smoothed it over before coffee and cake after.

5. She knows me a lot better than most people

I’m not girly unlike my Mum, Aunt, Sister and Cousins but that doesn’t mean that Nanna doesn’t know what I’ll like. We might not agree on clothes (in fact we rarely do) but Micheal Kors handbags and designer watches? Nanna knows me all over!

6. She’s the best Nanna you could ever ask for

And I mean that too, there is absolutely no one else like my Nanna. She’s there, always, she can damn stand up for herself, she’s strong, she’s kind and I’m sorry guys but she’s mine.

Happy Birthday, I love you so much xx

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