Why I love being a Godmother


Today is Lexi’s 3rd birthday! It’s been three years since I was both terrified and in love for the first time. Let me tell you about the first time I met her, I was absolutely desperate, when Lucy was up to it she asked if I wanted to meet her in town and of course I said yes. This teeny tiny baby girl all wrapped up in her buggy was so, so beautiful and after a while I was able to hold her and she started screaming, and screaming some more. Terrifying. I knew I loved this kid already and I was used to kids but her little roars made me panic, all of which Lucy found hilarious when I told her later.

I’ve been able to watch this little girl grow and become her own little person she’s sweet and funny, she loves pink (which was a huge surprise) and once she gets to know you will talk and talk.



I love being a Godmother for more than just the normal reason of being able to have them for the day and give them back, although that part is pretty great. I love that I get to be involved in someones life from day one, I get to help out and be there for her mum and also get an idea of what it’s like to have kids myself (if I ever find myself getting broody I’ll ask to see/have Lex for the afternoon and I’m so tired at the end of it I remember why I said not yet). I love when I get text updates about what she’s been doing and what her favourite film is this month.

Basically being a Godmother is the best! Happy Birthday Lexi, I love you so much xx

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