The good and the not so good news

Today was D-day Spine judgement day. I’ve spent 90% of today nervously walking around my flat trying to take my mind off of the appointment this afternoon. So let’s skip to the hospital. I’m sent to x-ray and already think they’re doing the wrong thing being told that they’re only x-raying one of my fractures rather than all four. The anger builds, build and builds until I’m seen and I’m about to burst.

Going into the doctors room he asks if I’d like to see my x-rays. He tells me the the T12 fracture has healed…what? I stopped him there and asked him what he meant by the one fracture. Apparently once again the first hospital got something else wrong by telling me I have 4 fractures, I have one bad fracture and three severely bruised vertebra. After that he said that there is nothing more he can do about the pain and lack of movement, except refered me to the specialist Neurosurgeon at St George’s hospital, yay. So I cried, a lot and I think I made the doctor a little nervous. It’s true what they say about nurses though, it was the nurse that made all the difference. She sat with my Mum and I while I cried and tried to give me some tips as she’s had similar back problems.

If I’m honest I’m pretty exhausted and worried about the pain, but the good news is that I finally get to get rid of my brace and bit by bit get a little bit more normal. I honestly can’t wait to get driving again more than anything else, freedom is so close I can smell it!

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