Meet Noodle and Hamski


After months and months of me begging, pestering and pleading with Ali I finally got a yes. Not to a wedding proposal, to something much cooler. I would like to announce the adoption of Noodle and Hamski, my two Russian Dwarf hamsters. Some people announce babies…I announce hamsters.

Ali and I have joked about having hamsters for years and calling them Noodle and Hamski, I don’t even remember how that started! We’d had a few discussions for the last year about them and I always got told no,no,no. As soon as he changed his mind I was in a car and down to Wimbledon to pick out my two. Initially I chose the other two but as I put my hand in for them to sniff it was Hamski who came up to me so there was one. The other two kept running away and although Noodle was pretty nervous, eventually I got my second. That’s what I do with animals, if there is more than one I let them choose me, it was exactly the same with Lottie she licked my hand and she was ours for keeps.

They’re lovely little things and already have their own personalities, Hamski is braver and more friendly, Noodle runs like a mad thing but doesn’t like humans that much…apart from Ali for some reason. That said in the car Hamski would not stop making noise and scratching at the boxes, I think that one is going to be trouble.




Hamski chilling

I’m so excited and you can all expect to see lots more hamster updates soon!!

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