Trusting yourself, and why it’s so important.

Now like many of you reading I have a very british sense when believing in myself. You know what I mean that, umm, err, well maybe I’m right, oh maybe I should just ask someone else.We’re not like the American’s it’s a new thing for us to shout about our accomplishments and being our own cheerleaders. So you can imagine me, only a week in to one of the biggest/most important jobs I’ve had in my life. I’ve taken over something and I’m managing it myself, queue panic, self doubt and breathlessness.

Yesterday I was plodding through emails and working from home. All of a sudden I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t understand some of the things being asked of me and felt like something was off. I tried to work around it but ended up emailing my boss and asking if she could go through it with me, if it was no bother of course (see there you go that English politeness again).

So today, as promised, she went through it with me. It turns out that the gut instinct was right, I should have trusted myself and not been stressed. It reminded me that sometimes kicking that politeness in the butt might be better. This was again  highlighted when she said I was doing a good job and I’ll get it,eventually.

Why am I writing this? Not because I felt like a diary entry (which some people have tried telling me this blog is), because I think that every now and again we all need reminding to trust ourselves. Yes you, reading right now, trust yourself because you’re a lot more clued up than you think.

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