Meeting Don Broco


I’ve been a fan of Don Broco for about 3 years now and today I finally got to meet them and hear an amazing acoustic set! The boys were all lovely down to earth and I got a cuddle from each member (!!). They spent so much time talking to all the fans that the management were worried they wouldn’t get through the whole queue. It makes a real difference when bands actually take the time to have a conversation with you. I explained that I would have been at the show later too but with my back I can’t stand up for too long, they were all really sweet about it and said it was great to see me up and about at one of their shows.

I really love Broco, they’re just all solid guys and have just got bigger and bigger since I saw their set in 2012. I was addicted from the first  time I heard them and I think I drove my family mad playing their first album repeatedly, even covering one of their songs ‘Hold On’ at one point. Rob has an amazing and very unique voice, it’s hard to describe but i reminds me of melted chocolate…it’s not as weird as it sounds.

Overall great night, great to be getting back into the music scene again especially with my friend Laura who’s been around since first year and who I met at a Deaf Havana show on my first weekend at uni! I’m sure there will be a lot more going on this year, I hope so at least. I’ll leave you guys with one of their greatest songs (I think) before I become obsessed with their new album!

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