7 of My Favourite Things About Autumn


I love Autumn, it’s by far my favourite season

1.  The colours are so beautiful.

Hampshire is very beautiful and driving through as the colours begin to change is always one of my favourite parts of the season.

2. I can wear boots, all of the boots! 

I adore boots because you can match them with anything and still look stylish. I have 4 pairs just to wear to work, they’re so snug and, personally, they’re great for butts.

3. Autumn fashion is the BEST. 

Carrying on with the boots theme Autumn fashion is my favourite because I feel the most confident. It’s time to hunt out my big jumpers, thick tights and dresses. I’m particularly in love with anything mustard yellow at the moment.

4. Halloween & Bonfire Night

I have so many great memories of these two nights as a kid, there was something just magical about them. I like the fun side of Halloween, I’ve been to Mickey’s Not So Scary party in Florida a few times which was just so amazing. This year I’m going to a party at friends. For Bonfire Night I’ve always loved going to displays and this year I can watch from my own garden!

5.  Going out for a warm drink 

I love popping out with friends to get a Hot Chocolate (sorry no Pumpkin Spice over here!) and be really cosy. And it’s now only a few weeks until Christmas drinks…sorry not sorry.

6.  New book releases everywhere! 

There are so many good books that come out in the autumn and you have an excuse to get a big blanket, get comfortable and read to your heart’s content!

7. From November 1st the countdown for Christmas starts…no I’m serious. 


What are your favourite things about Autumn? Let me know in the comments below!


This or That: Books Edition!

I found this great tag over on Jenny in Neverland’s blog and thought it would be something fun to try! So, let’s give it a go.

Audiobook or textbook?

I love having a physical book in my hands as much as possible, that said, I absolutely love listening to audiobooks on the go, especially autobiographies.

Paperback or hardback?

I’m a huge fan of paperback books, but, I fully appreciate a nice hardback.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

It definitely depends on my mood. Sometimes I like reading about real lives and people but at other times I want an escape so I read fiction.

Harry Potter or Twilight?

I’m a die-hard Harry Potter nerd I love everything about the Wizarding World (I’ve even subscribed to the Loot Crate). That said, I did have a Twilight phase in my teens and loved the books (the films, not so much).

Bookshop or online?

You can’t beat a good bookshop trip, can you? If I ever won the lottery I’d head straight to Waterstones Picadilly and go absolutely mad.

Standalone or trilogy?

Standalone, I’m not that keen on trilogies.

Sweet and short or heavy and long?

Sweet and shot, definitely.

Cosy read or reading in the sun?

Cosy reading every time, blankets or a duvet, comfy clothes. Bliss.

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Hot Chocolate om nom nom.


What do you think? Let me know below or do your own post!

Standing with victims of assault

This week the news has been focused on the allegations against Hollywood bigshot Harvey Weinstein, with scores of women coming forward to state that he has sexually assaulted, or in some cases, raped them. While the sheer amount of women coming forward is shocking, what was more so was the reaction of people around the world shaming the victims.

There was a variety of reasons why these women were set upon, claims that they had ‘waited too long’, that they were ‘asking for it’ or wanting attention. Some questioned whether these women were telling the truth. There was something missing, however, the trauma these women will have gone through and the outrage at Weinstein.

The fact that, yet again, women speaking out have come under fire when they have faced assault, to me, shows why we need feminism still in modern society. Rather than believe that these women have encountered a sexual predator. Their stories match up again and again. A young actress invited to a meeting about their career by a powerful man at a hotel, lead to his room where he attempted to get sexual favours or assaulted them.

With names such as Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Cara Delevigne and Gwyneth Paltrow all speaking about their own encounters we should be celebrating them for speaking out. Assault is incredibly difficult for a person to overcome and as these women speak out, and many more as the days pass, we shouldn’t be shaming them.

Unfortunately, we may never know the extent of this. This was a blatant act of using power to cause fear in young women. Knowing he was an incredibly successful figure, Weinstein, appeared to see himself as untouchable and able to treat these young women as he liked. At the time of writing, he is not working and has checked into a rehab centre. I’m hoping that in the coming weeks a police investigation will take things further.

If this case highlighted anything at all it’s that we need to think about the way we treat victims when they speak out. Instead of instantly questioning and trying to guess if they are guilty or not or if they ‘just want attention’. To imagine what they have gone through and the courage it must take to go to the police. We need to stand with victims of assault, and not to forget men can be victims too, and show them that they can speak out without fear or judgement.

Book Review: The Sun and Her Flowers – Rupi Kaur


‘never feel guilty for starting again’

In an incredible second collection, Rupi Kaur releases the raw emotion of a modern young woman. From the break down of a relationship to the relationship she shares with her mother, to finding love again when she wasn’t looking for it. Once again, my heart was flung into my mouth reading this and with good reason.

Sometimes a book falls into your hands when you’re in desparate need of it, for me, this was The Sun and Her Flowers. I’ve been a Rupi Kaur fan since reading her first collection Milk and Honey, which spoke to me as a young woman. So, of course I picked up her second collection and devoured it in 24 hours.

When reading Kaur you need to know she is brutally honest. She’s honest about her body, her mind, her sense of self and being a woman. She reflects on the good and bad around her without holding back, because you know that she has held back for so long. There is anger, there is pain and reflection on suffering that has been endured but the poems that describe them are crafted so beautifully that you feel every emotion without sinking into darkenss yourself.

While I’ve already touched upon it the most magnificent part, for me, was the poems Kaur wrote about her mother. She talks about the sacrifices and struggles her mother had to overcome so that Kaur and her siblings could achieve. She wonders what her mothers life would have been like should she have been free to make her descisions. It’s a wonderful insight into the relationship she shares with her mother.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Kaur collection without the accompanying illustrations. There isn’t a fear of showing womens bodies as they are in captivating illustrations. These seem to bring the poems to life at certain points and allow you to visualise the poems themselves.

I gave this collection five stars. This is an absolutely breathtaking collection and something I’m sure I’m going to read again and again. I, personally, found it to be an incredibly empowering collection. I’m sure that Kaur will go far, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.


You Can Do It! – World Mental Health Day 2017

Hello there,

I don’t know what lead you here, maybe you’re feeling a little lost, maybe you saw this on social media and thought I’d see what she has to say. I’m here to tell you, you can do it.

For many, when you have a mental health condition, it can seem as a huge barrier. It can seem like it’s going to stop you achieving your dreams and what you want to achieve in life. There’s a lot of negative portrayals in the media and literature of someone’s life ending. That may have been the old way but with the right help, support and treatment (in many forms) you can achieve what you want to achieve!

Don’t let anyone tell you that what you want to get out of life isn’t possible because of some brain chemistry. What a load of rubbish! Some of the greatest thinkers, performers and artists to have ever lived have had to deal with mental health conditions. It’s a well known fact that in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Dementors were created out from J.K Rowling’s experiences with depression.

Sometimes, the biggest and only barrier is yourself and the voice in your head. It can be completely exhausting to fight your own mind on the simplest thing. I remember years ago when I started university, the thought of getting a bus gave me an anxiety attack. Yep, getting a bus. Then I moved to London and didn’t have a choice, the first few times I was petrified, I was so anxious and panicked. Now, getting a bus in London doesn’t phase me at all, I used to do it all the time. BUT my brain would come up with all these scenarios, it took time but I tamed my brain in that situation and many others.

It can feel like you’re up against the world but I promise you slowly, you can do this. You can do anything. Talk to others, keep going back to your GP until they listen, do what you feel you need to do.

Lots of love,


A Magical Unboxing!

IMG_6357 (1)

With Halloween mere weeks away it was time for a magical unboxing! As many of my regular readers know I love a good unboxing and I’ve used Lootcrate in the past. So I finally caved and ordered their Wizarding World crate as a little treat for myself! This crate comes twice a month, making it a little more affordable for us Brits. This crates theme is ‘Magical Must Haves’ Let’s dive in!


House Scarf 

One of the great things about the Wizarding World crate is that they ask for your Hogwarts House, I’ve always felt and known in my heart I’m a Gryffindor. This is such a well-made scarf, it’s really thick and has me wishing for chilly mornings so that I can show my house pride. Go, go, Gryffindor!


IMG_6363 (1)

Honeydukes Sweet Shaped Rubbers

Now, I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed that these weren’t sweet treats initially, because who doesn’t love a Honeydukes treat?! That said these are incredible, they are so well made and well crafted. The Chocolate Frog, Jelly Slug, Sugar Candy Skull and Cauldron Cake. They’re so lovely I almost don’t want to use them and keep them on my bookcase.


IMG_6359 (1)

IMG_6360 (1)

Harry Potter’s Wand Pen 

I’m so in love with this pen! I think after the Scarf this is my favourite thing in the crate. It’s well weighted and so well crafted. I’m absolutely in love with it.

IMG_6358 (1)

MACUSA Desk Supply Set 

The good thing about the Wizarding World crate is that it includes both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merch. This is a desk set including a list pad, sticky notes, clips and a folder. It was absolutely huge too! Good shout Lootcrate team!

IMG_6369 (1)

Horcrux  Locket Pin 

These are now a collection and I’m so sad I’ve missed previous crates! This is really beautiful and of good quality.


That’s it! If you’re interested in ordering your own crate the link is here. This post is not sponsored (I wish!) I just really wanted to share with you this new subscription I’ve become a part of!



Feminist Friday With… That Marketing Punk

Tonight I’m so pleased to share my first interview with a guy who calls himself a feminist (see, I told you they exist)! Gareth, a blogger and father, is a great guy on Twitter so I asked him a few questions about what Feminism means to him, enjoy! 

Hi there!

 I guess I should introduce myself… I’m not really good at starting these guest post things… My name’s Gareth, the guy behind That Marketing Punk. I’m a first time Dad to a wonderful (if incredibly energetic) daughter, who has classified himself as a feminist for a very long time. So, when Chloe said that she would be interested to get my thoughts about feminism as a guy, it seemed like a great idea.

So, shall we get on with it?

What does the word Feminism mean to you?

 Ok, so we know that feminism has a different meaning to almost everyone. But for me, it is about absolute equality, both in life, work and home. To me, as a Dad to an amazing daughter, feminism is about my daughter being able to have the life that she wants to do.

In terms of work life, there shouldn’t be a glass ceiling anywhere, for anyone. No matter your sex or gender, you should be able to do whatever job you want to do.

 In terms of home life, there shouldn’t be any preconceived notions about who plays what role. In fact, I believe that there shouldn’t be any predefined roles in the first place… Terms like “housewife” are, to me, outdated – they put women into a role that has already been decided for them.

 Instead of being classified by these roles, both men and women should share everything equally… From raising the kids to smaller things like looking after the house, no one sex or gender should be told that it is their “role” to do those things.

When did you decide you identified as a feminist?

Honestly, I think it was when I was a teenager… Maybe 15? You see, I’d grown up in a single parent household, and my Mum had worked really hard to get our life sorted out. And she’d done really well! I had a very comfortable life. But, it was never easy for her. She had changed jobs almost every year for a while, simply because her thoughts and ideas were being brushed aside for those that men had come up with. There were even times when her suggestions were ignored, but then if they were repeated by a man, they were accepted.

My Mum could have been far more successful at her career if she were a man, and that really hit me hard… Especially since, even at that time, I knew I wanted a daughter when I was older. I thought about it, and what it would mean for my future daughter (if I had one) to grow up in a world like that. And I knew how unfair it was…

This was then further compounded by the way girls at school, and those who identified as girls were treated by the male teachers. Some were gazed at as if they were just there to be attractive decorations, whilst others were overlooked constantly when the teachers would ask questions of the class.

Whilst I hope that it wasn’t the case, to my teenage mind it seemed like they were deliberately being pushed aside so that the boys could get the better education. The female teachers did none of this, however… Just a select few of the male teachers (who are no longer teaching at that school, I might add).

Final thoughts?

 I guess my final thoughts are that there’s still a long way to go, simply because the world isn’t equal yet. But the problem is, inequality has become so ingrained in society now.

I honestly don’t know what else we can do, without somehow hitting a magical reset button. The only light I can see is that, as the younger generations grow up in a world where we are fighting for equality, they are starting to fight too. So when they grow into adulthood and inherit what we leave behind, hopefully, the future will be a far better place for everyone.

 So, for now, I guess my answer is to keep fighting for equality and teaching our children about it. That way, with patience and time, maybe we’ll be able to finally have an equal world.

Thank you so much, Gareth, for this brilliant post. If you’d like to be a part of Feminist Fridays please contact me on chloefmetzger@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you!