Harry Potter Book Night – London


Tonight I was lucky enough to be a part of Harry Potter book night! A whole night dedicated to the Harry Potter books and magic. For a nerd like me I was beyond excited after getting tickets a few months ago. I have to admit though when I first put the uniform on I looked about 14…which came in handy later when I got children’s prices for things, hahaha.


I met Joe in central, getting no strange looks as of yet, that was until I had my cloak on going up the escalators to get to the street then there were a few laughs and giggles. It seemed weird that there weren’t more people dressed up, the closer we got the more I started to laugh, surely we couldn’t be the only ones dressed up?

Luckily we weren’t, nor were we the oldest there, in fact there were only a few kids at all (but they did have the best costumes). The evening itself wasn’t bad apart from being read to, one of my biggest peeves even when I was a kid. Unless you’re JK Rowling you can’t read to me and expect me to enjoy it. That said after a bit I warmed to the idea. Then the competitions started, of course I wanted to win and even the girl next to me agreed my hand was shooting up so fast it felt like Hermione was sitting next to her.  My Hermione-like ways won me a copy of Harry Potter with the new cover! Free books are always the best fun for me.

I also managed to make a friend below is Pepper, an adorable 7 year old who is finding Harry Potter for the first time. She chatted, had made her own owl and won a prize for best costume (the hat was also pretty cool). I loved talking to her and her Mum because it reminded me (and Joe) that there are kids still finding harry for the first time! It seems so long ago since I did. It is amazing and I hope that I can pass on the love of that world to my own children later on.


Pepper with her prize! 

I was also fortunate enough to meet and get my book signed by the new illustrator and hear how he created the covers after NEVER watching or reading Harry Potter! I couldn’t believe it! That said, I think that it made the covers better, he wasn’t influenced by anything. The covers are truly based on the words, which is pretty incredible.


IMG_1825 IMG_1826

Original artwork on display! 

All in all it was a great night even if it didn’t last long and it ended after I’d managed to fall on my face, before going for cocktails! I had a great catch up with Joe and got to celebrate some of my all time favourite books 🙂

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