Remembering Robin Williams, one year on


One year ago today, the world sadly lost Robin Williams. While some people are talking about him ‘passing away’ it’s not the truth, there was nothing graceful in Williams’ suicide. There were obviously a lot of problems that he didn’t want the world to see, but would we have wanted to? Would we have wanted to hear this man who made us laugh so much tell us that he wasn’t ok, that he was trapped in a darkness that eventually took his life. I grew up, like many others, watching Robin and laughing, Mrs Doubtfire was one of my ultimate favourites as a kid I could happily watch it over and over again.

When I heard that he had killed himself this horrible dark wave came over me. I just didn’t want to believe it, Robin Williams, depression, suicide? It couldn’t be true. I wanted to break down and cry, not because Robin was famous, because it was another bright and incredible person lost to suicide. It’s something that is so misunderstood. I personally felt so low, if he couldn’t make it, if it got him what hope was there for the rest of us. That was a bad thought but a year on I’m still sad, like many others but I can still watch Robin’s work and hope that he knows how loved he was by thousands.

Suicide is something that needs to be spoken about. Is it nice? Of course not and no one likes talking about death, especially someone wanting to take their own life. But we need to take away the taboo because that could save someone’s life. I can’t guess or assume what could have saved Robin, no one can, but we need to make sure that he and the millions of others who have killed themselves haven’t died in vain.

I’m not going to leave you with sadness, instead I will leave you with laughter, what Robin did best.

Sleep well Robin, we miss you.

Image rights go to ABC

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