10 things I’ve learnt living with a boy


A year ago today I moved in with a boy, A REAL BOY. While tonight is very different from a year ago, as in the flat is actually remotely clean and there is not a microwave meal in sight, it’s made me realise that I’ve actually learnt a lot living with Ali in the last year. We did get a fair bit of stick when we told people we were going to move in together, a lot of people made judgements that it would ‘ruin the uni experience’ and that it would stop us going out. I’ve been encouraged by Ali to go out as much as I damn well want (which part of me suspects is to do with him wanting time to slob out on his own. So here are 10 things that I’ve learnt living with a boy!!

Men and Women’s definitions of clean are very different

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While I want to living room clean, he’s more concerned with my shoes in the hallway…it’s a struggle.

Space is important

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Before we moved in together I spent the majority of my time at his, hating being alone. Now I revel in our weekends apart for the fist day or so because I can literally do what I like…it’s always nice when he comes back eventually though.

It’s nice having someone to come home to

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Especially after a few  too many Sambucca’s and need a bit of help getting into my PJs. That and if I’ve had a bad day it’s great to know you have  a cuddle at home for you.

Play-fighting/pranks are on of THE greatest parts of life

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We are overgrown children, tickle fights, play fighting and switching to light off on each other when  they’re trying to go to the loo. Who said living together meant growing up?

I  can’t cook…I really can’t cook

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I’m a hopeless cook, Ali on the other hand is not. Screw gender stereotypes.

You don’t have to speak to enjoy each others company

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It’s hard to explain but just knowing someone is there is enough sometimes. I’ll work on my stuff he works on his and we’re completely happy.

Morning hugs can change your whole  day

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Honestly it can change my whole mood if I get hugs in the morning before going to work or uni.

Sometimes you will want to kill them…and that’s okay

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You can love someone as much as you want but some days they just need to go away, far, far,away.

Buying the other person take away is true love. TRUE LOVE.

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Fried Chicken after a stressful day? Nothing says I love you more.

It’s actually kind of cool

Love The Simpsons animated GIF

I actually really enjoy living with Ali, even if he drives me crazy he’s a pretty cool dude to live with and now I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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