Athens Day Two: Adventures, Feedback, Observing and Fro-Yo

Yesterday’s plan to get up early and explore the ancient sights of Athens didn’t exactly work. My back had been pretty sore through the night and so I slept through the alarm, missed breakfast and Ali and I woke up pretty late..oops. The morning was spent talking about what we wanted to do for the rest of the week and making sure my painkillers were kicking in until going anywhere.

Originally we went for some lunch, but the curiosity in me took charge. We wandered around and ended up in a small market type street where we had a fantastic view of the Acropolis, ancient sights on the ground and finally a supermarket (there is a big lack of supermarkets where we are for some reason), where I could get my hand on Cheetos mmm Cheetos. Anyway, Athens is an incredible city for history. I got that all to familiar rush of excitement in me when I saw some of the architecture, when I glimpsed a sight of the Acropolis. Maybe it’s the writer in me but I love looking and imagining what life was like and being so close to such a big piece of history.


We grabbed lunch at a seriously cool restaurant before wandering back so that I could have a nap before tonight. Walking makes me seriously tired, I have to have naps every day. The hard thing about this trip is that I can’t be as active as I want to be. I want to run everywhere, laugh, drink and just walk and walk and explore to my hearts content.

I didn’t have much time to nap, but had enough before heading to class. The first half of the class was focused on me and the work I submitted. I was more than nervous, what if they hated it? What if it was first year all over again? I’m pleased to tell you that they didn’t. My work was meant with positivity and creative criticism, I have so much more that I can work on now with the novel and for the first time in my life I feel like one day it could be published. I’m so, so excited about what’s to come as well as my 1-1 tutorial with my tutor tomorrow.

After our short break it was time to head out and people watch alone. I left with a false sense of ease. As soon as I got into the busy street of bars and places to eat I was anxious. I noticed people looking at me, I was nervous when people walked close to me. I don’t know why but since the accident I’ve been really worried about going out alone and in a new city it wasn’t easy. I soon found a place to sit, ordered a stupidly expensive vodka and coke and did my assignment. I watched and watched and got good, but quick notes. I hope to type them up and share them when my battery isn’t dying.

Ali picked me up after, I told him about my class, how much I love it. If I had been on a course like this last year, I would have stayed and written to my hearts content. Then he told me we were going somewhere to get something. He lead me through the streets (after I was a little tipsy after my vodka and coke, I swear half the glass was vodka). He took me to a Frozen Yogurt place, I’d never had it before. I loaded mine up with cookie dough flavour yogurt, oreo pieces, white chocolate, milk chocolate, smarties, biscuit pieces and gummy bears. It tasted delicious and we’ll definitely be going again.


Tomorrow I will be getting up and I will be going to see the beauty of ancient Athens, back pain or no back pain!

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