Specific Learning Difficulties Conference


I spent today working with students with Specific Learning Difficulties so Dyslexia (like me), Dyspraxia, Mental Health Difficulties (also me), Physical Disabilities and others. I like talking to people about my experiences and being able to help in any way that I can. Some of the young people today were so bright, but also scared.

A lot of the adults thought that we ambassadors were great ‘inspirational’, ‘ mentors for young people’, now that’s all nice but it’s the young people I work with that I want the feedback from. I’m pleased to say that they said they learnt a lot and for some I think it was the push that they needed.

I’ve come a long way since I was at school and since my diagnoses for both depression and dyslexia, but I want to use all of that negative and try and help other people. I have been through a lot, more than I want to talk about sometimes but if I can turn this around then maybe in some weird way it was worth it.

Let me know what you think!

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