Get on with it girl!

I love blogging, I really, really do and if I could stop bumbling along and work out how to upload a video to Youtube without it taking 6 hours I’d do that too. Recently I’ve been really shitty with uploading. So I’ve decided this is it, I’m almost on summer break and I need to get my butt in gear with this blogging thing. I’m nearly at 200 followers, one day I might even reach 2000, now THAT would be cool.

So I’ve making myself sit down and go through any I need to upload over the next few weeks, plan any I need to plan and possibly think about that Youtube thing…possibly. Although that said I don’t really know what I’d want to do with a Youtube channel so maybe I’ll leave that for a while because you guys seem pretty happy with just reading through (thanks)!

What have I got coming up? Ok this is where you decide you still want to follow me and recommend me to friends/ share my link (pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease!). The next few months are either going to be really busy or dead slow, always one extreme. I have Prague coming up, Athens, some band related stuff that I can’t announce yet (that’s driving me mad), hopefully I’ll be working, writing some stuff, back in the studio, booking more shows and hamster related antics.

So this my pledge to you my amazing readers I’m going to try and get on with this and focus! After all, it’s all going to be crazy with 3rd year next year!


This is determination Chloe! She will be coming back! 

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