Phone Woes

I’ve been quite quiet on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I wish it was for some glamorous reason like I’ve been playing loads of shows or been doing something equally interesting but it’s not, I managed to drop my phone down the toilet…yes I know you’re laughing. Luckily I have insurance, student insurance, and my phone will be repaired or replaced in the next week or so. I have to say Endsleigh have been fantastic, my claim was dealt with within 2 hours of putting the claim in and then 2 hours after that I was on the phone to the engineer for it to be picked up tomorrow. Super speedy service and definitely worth the money! I’m not sponsored I promise….although if Endsleigh do want a student blogger… šŸ˜‰

Nothing else that interesting happened today, well apart from a really good band practice and lots of sunshiiiiiine! I’m off home tomorrow so all blogs WILL be uploaded!

Taa for now!

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