Why don’t I study music?


This picture belongs to Kingston University 

Today and tonight I got to perform with the boys songwriting class. I’m exhausted but also super proud and happy. The boys are incredible at what they do and although I don’t want to make their heads any bigger, the fours of them are all really impressive musicians. I’d been a bit reserved about doing the performance this week because of deadlines and being exhausted but I’m so pleased I did. I got to see a different side to what they do, as well as being able to watch Ali mix a live show and appreciate how tricky it is.

I love the buzz of performing and the pride that comes with finishing a song and tonight, like the other times I’ve performed I got asked why don’t you study music? There were times today that I wondered that myself. It’s not that I think you won’t get a job or that it’s not a good idea, I think it’s great to do something you’re passionate about and to hell with anyone else! I think I just done it at school, got disheartened with it at college and decided I needed music as a release, not a source of stress.

I love music and I definitely couldn’t live without it but I also love literature. I love the challenge and the interpretation, it’s kind of like why I love music. I can just let go and it’s like another part of me. I need music to be that I think, I can work hard but let got at the same time, I don’t know. So why don’t I study it, because I think I need it for myself too much.

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