10 Things not to say to a writer

This has been trending on Twitter today and I can’t help but laugh and agree with most of the tweets that are going out. I love writing, I honestly do but sometimes people think being a writer is a free pass to treat you like an idiot and ask stupid questions. So I may have gotten just a tiny bit sarcastic with these. So here are my 10 things not to say to a writer…

1. Being able to write all day must be SO relaxing 

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Ummmm yeah staying up all night trying to meet deadlines is like bathing in Lavender…

2. What is going to be/ is your real job though? 


3. Oh, writing, but what are you going to do with that?

I’m going to do whatever the hell I like.

4. Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? Don’t you think Mr Grey is a great character? 

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If you mean the real Mr Gray, as in DORIAN FREAKING GRAY, yes I think he’s genius. If you mean that drivel that sexually frustrated housewives mean, please leave.

5. Anyone could write! 

Hahahaha. Okay, off you go then come back to me in a week and tell me how you’re getting on.

6. You better not be writing about me. 

Well, I wasn’t but now you never know…

7. Oh, that’s depressing 

When  used to tell people about the novel I was writing I got this a lot. People just run with the basic idea, not with what you’re trying to do with it. Infuriated me to no end.

8. I don’t read.

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Shut up. Just shut up.

9. When are you going to do something with your writing?

I don’t know what it is with people but they think that you magically produce a book in a matter of weeks. Writing is hard work. When you’re struggling with writers block this is the last thing you want to hear.

10. But what do you really know about that? 

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Here’s the magic of writing, you can imagine whole different lives without actually living them. There’s a difference between research (which does happen) and living the lives of every single one of your characters. My favourite authors have come up with different worlds they can’t have possibly lived but they’ve made it real to the reader. Now that’s magic.

What are your 10 things not to say to a writer?

4 thoughts on “10 Things not to say to a writer

  1. Kate says:

    As if people actually say that though! That’s so rude of them, I don’t think some people have an appreciation for how much time, effort, thought and creativity and imagination goes into writing. I used to get asked something similar when I studied art at university, questions 2 3 and 9 are so relatable to that as well haha.


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