Postmodern Jukebox

You’ve never heard of Postmoder Jukebox? Where have you BEEN! Tonight myself and the beautiful Eleanor were lucky enough to see them perform in London. I’ve been a fan of Scott Bradlee for a while now and of PMJ since seeing the above video. Basically they take new songs and give them an incredible twist of varying styles my favourites so far have been Fancy, Blank Space (which I think sounds better than the original) and Stacey’s Mom.

The show tonight was sold out and for good reason, they were incredible. It was a little bit cheeky but there is true talent in the show. Costumes, dancers, incredible arrangements I was definitely fangirling. When I a) found out they were on tour and b) found our El was also a fan I had to go. So we got the tickets well before Christmas. I have to say once you watch one video it becomes addictive, I’ve watched all the videos, have all the albums on my iPod, it’s incredible.

You all NEED to go and check them out! You won’t regret it!

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