21 Things to know about my Mum


Today is my amazing Mum’s birthday!! I don’t need to tell you again how much I love her and how much she does for me on a daily basis (including having to push me around town on her birthday, sorry Mum!). So my Mum is eternally 21 or younger in her head so I thought I’d share 21 things instead of the age she actually is today *cough 42, cough*.

1. My Mum couldn’t drink on her 21st birthday because she was growing me and stuff.

2. Her first school shoes were purple heels, the rebellion begins.

3. She likes Marmite…that’s gross.

4. She has smaller feet than me…

5. …oh and she’s tiny, even shorter than me!

6. Pink is Mums colour, always, always pink.

7. She could drink almost all of my friends under the table.

8. For a long time she called Instagram, Instragram…oh Mum

9. She wanted to be a mechanic while she was growing up

10. Disney is her favourite place, in the world, ever.

11. She has the strange ability to get any animal to misbehave

12. My Mum is the reason I love live music! She’s been taking me to concerts since I was 4! Actually the first was while I was still in her belly.

13. She was a slight demon child to her siblings, my aunt has the proof

14. My Mum’s a FIGHTER! She’ll kick your butt

15. Madonna, everything Madonna.

16. She’s more than a little bit in love with David Beckham

17. Oh and Johnny Depp

18. But she’s been with my Dad for 22 years ( I think)

19. My love of red lipstick comes from my Mum

20. You always hear my Mum coming down the road in the car because of the music blasting from it.

21. She’s the most incredible woman you’ll ever meet and I’m so lucky she’s mine ❤

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