A light at the end of the tunnel

Today in the never ending spine saga. Hey everyone, so I’ve been a little all over the place with blogs this week, partially writers block, partially being busy. I wish I had something interesting to go on but today it’s another spine update for you all. It’s been 18 weeks since I had my fall and I finally got to see a pain specialist, there’s good news mostly and some not so good news.

So it looks like I’m not going to be having any surgery or injections and I’m doing very well in my recovery, despite being in a lot of pain. The good news is that I have a 95% chance of recovery without complications. I still have from 6 months to a year until I’ll be getting back to my normal self. The not so good news, I will have this weakness in my spine for the rest of my life and the slight loss of feeling in my left leg might also stay for the rest of my life.

The doctor was finally open with me and talked about the future, he reminded me that while I’m eager to get back into the world this wasn’t just a small arm fracture this was a large and complicated fracture with damage to the soft tissue, muscles and nerves. The fact that I can walk and go out even a little bit is apparently brilliant. It kind of reminded me that while I’ve been so down and frustrated that I’ve lost the summer it’s not something small and I can’t just get rid of it.


My kind of breakfast for the minute. 

I’m still on a lot of medication, I’m got a kick ass physio routine to stick to for months ahead and I need to start keeping fit and healthy…which is possibly the most terrifying part of it, I’m kidding. It might not all sound positive but I’m finally seeing some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

Image from here.

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