Loving You!


It’s no secret that I’m in a relationship and I’m very lucky. I though a lot about what to write tonight, do I write about Ali, about all the people I love? Valentines day list or something similar? Then I got around to thinking surely the thing people feel today is loved but we should all try and love ourselves a little bit more.

Ali once said to me that I need love myself or how could he truly love me? This was years ago but it stuck with me, I stopped feeling self conscious and negative as much as I could around him but it wasn’t until I got to uni I learned to like myself. I know I’m not the only young person to want to change something about them, you reading this right now, you know there’s something you want to change too.

So here are 5 things that I’d like to change first of all…

1. My stretch marks

2. My hatred of being alone

3. How anxious I get about stupid things

4. General hip and tum area

5. That there are some things I just can’t let go of

But here are 10 things I love about myself…

1. I have lovely eyes

2. I’m smart

3. I work hard

4. When I love someone I give them my all

5. I’m a good musician

6. I’m a good writer!

7. I can make a great cup of tea

8. I’m actually a fairly decent horse rider

9. I’m doing really well in my degree so far

10. I’m actually quite a cool person

The second list was harder to write but these are things I feel, I didn’t ask someone who loves me. I think we all need to work a little bit on loving who we are and if something really bothers you taking measures to change it if we can.

I hope you all have a lovely day and just remember, you’re pretty awesome.

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