Writers Block

I have a confession to make. I have writers block. That damn sneaky little thing that drains all of your ideas and then laughs at you. You know the one, you’re all hyped up, let’s do this and then you get to a blank page and…

Yup, that’s as far as I get.

I can’t get ideas for songs out of my brain, I fell like just curling up in bed when I think about trying to physically write my blog ideas and as for my novel? Don’t even go there. I wanted to keep you all updated because this is a part of being a writer. Well, I think so and most other people I know think so too. In fact I got taught that even in essay writing procrastination is a part of the writing process. You read it right, scrolling through Youtube or Reddit for hours can now be called part of your ‘creative process’.

So if I’m so blocked how am I writing this? Well that you see if part of my plan. Write my thoughts, write some plans and I’m hoping by Monday the best shall be gone and I can come out of all this with an album’s worth of songs, 20 blog posts and two novels (I might be slightly optimistic there, slightly).

Anyway I hope you’ve enjoyed my little post tonight as always leave a comment! I love talking to you guys! 😀

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