Time for Third Year


1st – Hello September! Welcome to Third Year 

2nd- I will write a book! Inspiration and confidence boost! 

3rd- Book Review: 13 Reasons Why – Jay Asher 

4th- We need to talk about Refugees

5th- Happy Birthday Dad 

6th- I’m off to Amsterdam 

7th- September Book Haul! 

8th- Harry Potter Tag 

10th- Book Review: We Are Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler 

11th-  Amsterdam 2015 – Laughs, Beauty and Best Friends

12th- I have a love hate relationship with recording

13th- Anxiety, I haven’t missed you

14th- Milestones 

16th- The Queen’s not the only one with two birthdays

17th- Book Review: Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls

18th- 21 things about me 

19th & 20th – What a Birthday! 

22nd- Why having an alcohol free Freshers week is absolutely fine!

23rd- Did I look that young? I must be a third year 

24th- Book Review: Beautiful Music for Ugly Children

26th- Freshers Week 2015 

28th- First day of Third Year: So far so good

29th- Time to start my Dissertation! 

30th- Finishing my first day of classes…yes really! 


1st- Book Review : Paperweight – Meg Haston

2nd- Hello October! – What to expect from chloemetzger.com

4th- Mental illness isn’t easy 

5th- Something a little different – sharing some poetry 

6th- 10 Reasons to keep smiling

7th- Date Night, Live Music and The New York Times

8th- Book Review: The Manifesto on how to be Interesting – Holly Bourne 

9th- The Starlight Blogger Award 

10th- World Mental Health Day 

12th- Isn’t Inside Out and incredible film?!

14th- Running my first ride

15th- Book Review: All My Secret – Sophie McKenzie 

16th- Meeting Katie Piper 

17th- Why I’m not writing tonight 

18th- Stylist Live! 

19th- One of my best friends is getting married! 

20th- We need to value female education

22nd- Book Review: Only Ever Yours – Louise O’Neill

23rd- Get noticed with Solopress 

24th- The Ultimate Book Tag 

25th- My first Comic-con 

27th- Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath 

28th- Standing up for what I believe 

29th- Book Review: The Skeleton Cupboard – Tanya Byron 

30th- Sexy potato? Ana-Rexia? What’s happened to Halloween?!


1st- London with Joebi – Wan 

2nd- Happy Birthday Ali! 

3rd- USA Goodies! 

5th- Book Review: Am I Normal Yet – Holly Bourne

6th- This will soon be my reality 

8th- I don’t know what I’m doing

9th- This is my body.

10th- The Gym: : Let’s Do This.

11th- Happy 21st Joe! 

12th- Book Review: Travelling to Infinity – Jane Hawking 

13th- Of course my period is a luxury…right? 

14th- I stand with Paris 

16th- The world and my mind 

17th- I’m a teeny bit competitive 

19th- How we can use International Men’s Day to spread awareness 

20th- Spine Issues

22nd- Book Review: Far From You – Tess Sharpe 

23rd- Kids and Christmas

24th- My Top 11 Books of 2015 

25th- Grateful, Grateful, Grateful

27th- Christmas and Boxing Day Haul 

28th- I’m Not Ready for 2016 

30th- Not Little Forever 

31st- My Year – 2015 


1st – Looking Forward – Hello 2016 

2nd – Let’s Marvin Gaye 

3rd – 10 Things You Forget If You Haven’t Owned a Cat in a While

4th – 1 down, 1 to go – Fitness and Weight Loss 

5th – No Babies Please – My Implant! 

7th – Book Review: Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham 

8th – So Far, So Good 

9th – I can’t sleep

11th – The Danish Girl 

12th – Getting Serious – Hitting the Gym 2016 

13th- End of the week

14th – Book Review: This Book is Gay – James (now Juno) Dawson

16th – Crack – A Poem

17th – 2016 on chloemetzger.com

18th- Maybe Life’s Not Fair 

19th – Passion and Finding a Job 

21st – Book Review: All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman 

27th – Back to Blogging 

28th – Book Review: The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

31st – Testing Times


1st – Hello February 

2nd – Handling Rejection 

3rd – I’m Loving: American Crime Story 

4th – Book Review: If I Stay – Gayle Forman 

5th- Quote from Du Maurier’s Rebecca 

6th – Young and Desperate? 

7th – Sunday Seven 

8th – Missing Motivation 

9th – I am a Feminist 

10th – Deadpool 

11th – Book Review: Extraordinary Means – Robyn Schneider 

12th – Stress and what you can do about it 

13th – Remembering the good 

14th – Sunday Seven: 7 Ways to Show You Love Someone All Year Round

15th – My Last Reading Week 

17th – KJ Orr 

18th – Book Review: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? 

19th – Harper Lee 

20th – February Loot Crate Unboxing and Review 

21st – Sunday Seven – Seven Reviews That Are Coming Your Way! 

22nd – Hazy Day 

25th – Book Review: How I Lost You – Jenny Blackhurst  

29th – Update


2nd – Marvel Collector Corps: Deadpool – Unboxing and Review 

3rd – Book Review: How to Build a Girl – Caitlin Moran 

4th – My Body Just Says Nope 

5th – Stressed, Depressed, but Well Dressed? 

7th – Back to The Routine 

8th – International Women’s Day 2016

10th- Book Review: Orange Is The New Black – Piper Kerman

11th- KU Talent Awards 2016

12th- Why YOU Shouldn’t Be Worried About Kim Kardashian’s Selfie

13th- Sunday Seven: This Weeks Favourites

14th- Why Are We So Freaked Out About Periods?!

15th- Buried Under Assignments

16th- My First Dyslexic Session

17th- Book Review: Why Not Me? – Mindy Kaling

18th- Anxiety and Partying

19th- My Top 10 Graphic Novels

20th- Sunday Seven – This Weeks Favourites

21st- World Poetry Day – Sylvia Plath

23rd- March Loot Crate Unboxing And Review

24th- Book Review: Room – Emma Donoghue

26th- Hometimes and Migraines

27th- Sunday Seven: Stand Out Concerts

29th- Easter Haul 2016!

30th- Death By Dissertation??

31st- Book review: Before We Met – Lucie Whitehouse


1st – Beautiful Brighton Conference and Chloe Break

3rd -Sunday Seven: Seven Of My Famous Feminist Heroes

4th- Why I’m Jealous of YOU at the Gym…And it’s Not the Reason You Think

5th – IBS Diagnoses

6th – Who’s Going to Hire Me? – Embracing Your Past

7th – Book Review: Good Girls – Laura Ruby

8th -Endings and Motivation

9th – Hey North Carolina, Hate Won’t Win.

10th- Sunday Seven: My Top Pics Of The Year So Far

11th- A Quote For The Final Stretch, 3 Weeks To Go!

14th- Stress and Our Bodies

15th- One Down, Three To Go!

16th- 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going Into Third year

17th – Sunday Seven – Seven Dr Seuss Quotes To Live By

19th – One of Those Meltdown Days

20th- Depression Awareness Week: What You Don’t See

22nd – Going, Going, Gone – Goodbye Dissertation

23rd – Book Review: Sane New World: Taming The Mind – Ruby Wax

24th – Sunday Seven – Seven Things I’ve Learnt Since Breaking My Spine

25th – Am I Ready For The End?

27th – Marvel Collector Corps: Captain America Civil War Unboxing and Review

28th – Book Review: One Step Too Far – Tina Seskis

29th – The Freedom List!

30th – Thank You!


1st – Thoughts at 2am

2nd – Treat Yo’Self

3rd- My Topshop Dress Wish List

5th- Book Review: Philomena- Martin Sixsmith

7th- Home Is Where My Heart Is.

9th- Sunday Seven: My Next YA Reads!

10th – The Job Hunt

11th- Busted 2016

12th- Book Review: Strong Looks Better Naked – Khloe Kardashian

14th- Am I Supposed to Know Yet?

15th- Sunday Seven: Seven Reasons Sarah Millican Is One Of The Best Comedians Around

16th- Mental Health Awareness Week on chloemetzger.com

17th- Mental Health Awareness Week: The Medication Debate

18th- Mental Health Awareness Week : Feeling Your Heart Beating – Exercise and Mental Health

19th – Mental Health Awareness Week: My Top 10 Books Featuring Mental Health

20th- Mental Health Awareness Week: Where Am I Now?

21st- Mental Health Awareness Week: Today

22nd- Mental Health Awareness Week- Sunday Seven: How You Can Help Support Someone With A Mental Illness

23rd – Get To Know Me – 100 Random Questions

24th- I Have Something to Tell You!! 

26th – Book Review: The Storyteller – Jodi Picoult 

28th – Comic Con Summer 2016

29th – Sunday Seven: 7 Reasons to go to a Con! 


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