Ever felt like Superheroes are just too, good? Well, meet Deadpool he’s super but he’s certainly not about to let anyone call him a hero. He swears, he has a fondness for knives and swords as well a great sense of humor. Hooked yet? You should me.

So to replace valentine’s day, Ali and I made a deal a few months ago that we won’t go to some super dull restaurant because that’s what couples are supposed to do, we’d go see Deadpool instead. That, my friends was the right choice and if I didn’t have uni I would have gone to the midnight showing last night. To put it simply, Deadpool is a masterpiece. I can honestly say that it’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen in my life, non stop laughing from the minute the screen comes up to the extra scene after the credits (yeah, stick around for that). I also have to say the marketing team have been genius with their campaign, absolutely genius.

I’m not someone who wants to spoil anything about the movie so this is going to be fairly short, because, depending on what trailer you watch there are different levels of knowledge before watching the film. I’ve added one at the bottom but there are others online, I’d seen them all before because I’ve been waiting to see it since the first one came out. I need to add here that while I LOVE comic books and have a good collection I’m still fairly new and had only read one Deadpool comic before going to the cinema today. From what I’ve heard it matches the comics really well and you can be sure as hell I’ll be going to pick up a few next week. Oh and Ryan Reynolds is absolutely brilliant, has great comedic timing and I couldn’t think of a better actor for Deadpool.

So there you have it, I am in love with this film and now I’ve seen it can’t wait to pick up some awesome merch and wait for the next Deadpool movie, because that’s happening you’ll be pleased to know. I’ve attached the trailer below, check it out, I doubt you’ll be dissapointed.

ALSO! If you like this trailer, make sure you look up the redband trailer, it’s a lot funnier, a lot more like the movie itself. It’s just freaking awesome.

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