End of the week


I don’t think I’m get going to get used to being finished with my week one Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, I like being able to work from home and be on my own schedule for the other 4 days of the week, it just feels strange to me that at 11am on a Wednesday I’m done for the week. It’s also made me want to work for myself in some way. I’d love to have a creative job or start my own business as a social media advisor. Well that or being a musician or a writer. I have a lot of ideas and dreams, I’m going to make sure at least one of them happens!

While I’ve finished uni for the week and if I wanted I could easily spend the next 4 days in my PJs, staying up until 2am reading every night and sleeping all day I’m not that kind of student. I love a lie in as much as anyone else but I also need to get stuff done. I usually write a to do list for each day, as well as general one for the week. Even for the rest of this week I have two meetings tomorrow, possibly a band practice, then I’m out with friends, my Mum’s coming up on Friday and I have assignments and uni reading  to do over the weekend. There’s no rest for the wicked!

I say all this but I much prefer being busy because although I get exhausted, it makes things easier for me mentally. When I have a balance of being busy but not pushing my spine too hard it distracts me from other things that are going on in my head. Things I’m anxious about or things that are bothering me, for a long time now I’ve felt really relaxed when I do uni stuff. There’s an order to it, there’s things I know I have to get done and I can focus. I needed to make sure I didn’t have 4 and a half days of doing nothing a week because I know that if I just sat around and thought for all that time I could get very sick very quickly.

It’s strange because in 7 weeks time I’ll only have 4 hours of uni a week, in 11 I’ll have no scheduled classes at all. I’ll admit I’m a littler nervous about that, but hopefully I’ll make myself busy after final submission again. That or I’ll spend as much time in the gym as my spine can take and spend the other half of the time reading!

End of the official working week already, student life, huh!

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