Grateful, Grateful, Grateful

Hello lovely readers and Merry Christmas! I’m not going to write a long post tonight because I have been up since 5am (thanks so much Summer!). Yes my not so little sister was too excited to sleep and so I got woken up and wasn’t allowed to go back to sleep. It’s not all bad though we were opening presents at 5.30 this morning.

I’m writing because I just feel like I’m bursting with happiness and just feeling content. I’ve spent last night, all of today and tonight with mine and Ali’s families. I’ve been really spoilt and no low was allowed to get in my head thankfully. I was worried because when I’m super tired it’s a prime opportunity for me to feel bad but I managed to beat it off.

I just keep saying thank you and I’m so grateful, especially as Ali wasn’t working! Laying with Ali chilling tonight  just bought back all these memories of when we were younger and it was nice to remember. I’ve felt so close to my sister too this year and that’s amazing.

I’ve also been thinking about people that aren’t so lucky at this time of year. I’ve been in the depths of depression before and it’s the worst but it won’t be like it every year. I’ve sat and thought of all the homeless, our service men and women and people in general who don’t have an easy time.

I hope you’ve all had a good christmas and if you haven’t remember tomorrow is a brand new day!


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