21 Things about me!

If you haven’t seen already all over my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, today is my 21st Birthday! Yippie!! So while I’m out celebrating with friends and family I thought it would be cute/fun to write a list of 21 facts about me! Enjoy!

  1. I’ve grown up to be a little traveller 

I’ve been going abroad since I was 3 years old. So far I’ve visited Paris 5 times, various parts of greece around 8 times, Amsterdam, Spain, the USA 3 times, Italy and that’s just a few! Next up, going back to the US, Australia and New Zealand as well as other parts of europe.

2. I once broke my toe by dropping a place of Chinese on it

If that’s not a waste of food I don’t know what is.

3. Jodi Picoult told me I was a writer in person. 

It was possibly one of the best moments of my life.

4. I’ve only just watched the Star Wars Trilogy

…Yup, I’m sorry.

5. I’m shorter than I was for my 20th birthday 

Yes, really. When I broke my back, my spine lost height meaning I’m a little shorter than I was before!

6. My Mum had loaded up to do a car boot sale the night she went into labour with me. 

Yeah, she wasn’t impressed.

7. My family thought I’d be an escape artist growing up… 

I used to get through anything, reins on the pram, chairs, playpens, you name it I was out.

8. When I was three I wanted a tattoo of the kids TV show Tots TV. 

9. …I also told my parents I wanted to be a topless model at the same age, because I thought the ladies in the paper were pretty.

10. I thought INSET day was insect day… 

In the UK that’s our day off school for teacher training, before I started school I thought it meant you took insects into school to show off.

11. I have a huge Harry Potter collection 

It lives under the stairs at my parents house, in my room and in my flat. I don’t think it’s ever going to stop growing.

12. I’m a hobbit. 

That was one of my nicknames at college….it didn’t help that my boyfriend told everyone I had hairy toes -.-.

13. I was obsessed with dolphins growing up, I even got to play with them once. 

14. 18 is my favourite number.

My birthday, an even number, what’s not to love?

15. I didn’t start using make up properly until I started at university. 

Hence why I’m not a beauty blogger and get so excited when I find things now.

16. Blue is my favourite colour. 

Seriously if I could I’d have blue everything, headphones, car, phone, if there’s ever a choice most of the time it’ll be blue.

17. I love strawberry flavoured things but hate eating real strawberries. 

I’m a bit weird.

18. Pasta is the best staple food there is and if you don’t believe that you are wrong. 

I could eat pasta every day and still be in love with it, cheese is a great topper.

19. My first ever concert was The Spice Girls Winter Tour in 1999

Victoria Beckham smiled and waved at me, it was the best moment of my 5 year old life.

20. I’m pretty handy with my toes

I can pick almost anything up with my toes, it’s a pretty cool skill to have.

21. It’s one of my goals in life to learn sign language

I honestly think it’s one of the most beautiful languages in the world

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