London with Joebi-Wan


On Friday the legend that is Joe and I headed into London for our art gallery date that we’ve been arranging for aaaaaages. I’ve gotten really into my art lately from reading lots of comic books (Joe’s fault) and my visit to the Van Gogh Museum when I went to Amsterdam earlier in the year. So after our disappointment that the Star Wars shop wasn’t open yet we got our train into central and obviously stopped off at McDonalds before starting our classy day.

We tried to follow our phones to get to the Tate and eventually found it where our attitudes ranged from discussing the art in an artistic way and comparing pieces of art to moldy potatoes, blobs and just generally saying how weird they are. We didn’t go into any exhibitions or anything like that because when you don’t know how good it’s going to be £16 is a pretty big chunk of money, for a student anyway. We wondered around and saw some amazing artwork Warhol and Lichtenstein were my personal favourites. After we headed over to Forbidden Planet for comic books as well as the Disney Store in Covent Garden to get some Star Wars goodies.

I love spending time with Joe because we laugh, we take the piss out of anything and everything and it’s just such a chilled out atmosphere between us. Thanks for the great time bro (y).

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