The Queen’s not the only one with two birthdays


For the past two days I have been spoilt by my family. Because there is so many of them and my flat is more than a little cosy I decided to come home and visit both grandparents to see everyone and celebrate my 21st a few days early.

I spent yesterday in town with my sister, getting my hair cut and spending more than a little on the new H&M beauty range (but more in that in another blog post). Later I popped to see my Dads family for presents and cake.

Today I was on the move again (although my spine really has been protesting), to meet one of my oldest friends and beautiful goddaughter to exchange birthday presents. From Lucy and Lexi I received a necklace of Hermione’s wand and a Harley Quinn graphic novel. I had so much fun with a little girl who melts my heart every time and a great friend in her Mum.

Now, there have been whispers and mentions of surprises all week. I was left at home while my Mum went ahead to my grandparents house, only to arrive and find this…

IMG_4628 IMG_4627

A little family party with a Little Mermaid theme, my favourite princess as a kid!! A badass cake, plates, customised banners, pictures of me growing up! I couldn’t have asked for more, my Mum really outdid her surprises this time! I felt like a kid again and it was obvious how much time and effort had gone into this and all for me!

I’ve been thoroughly spoilt in terms of gifts as well and I’m so happy with all of them, a new pandora necklace and charm, some little mermaid goodies and  another charm for my Pandora bracelet. I can’t believe I feel this loved and it’s not even my birthday. Oh and we had a brilliant pizza party too thanks to Nanna and Gramps who ordered pizza for everyone!

I think this is going to be a very good week! ❤


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