We need to talk about Refugees


The majority of the western world was shocked into silence this week as a picture of a child, washed up on the shores of Turkey, was plastered across the media. From that point onwards we are all questioning why and how this has been allowed to happen, how a toddler and wind up thousands of miles from home dead on a beach. The image shocked us and it made me sit and research and understand these people and their stories and I just wanted to sit and cry and do anything I could to help.

It would be too easy to just say the parts of the media lie, we know they do. The majority of British papers have recently been talking about the ‘migrant crisis’ the mere words are a lie, they also lied about a recent train my friends were delayed on from Paris, it was issues with the train. These are not people risking their lives, risking the lives of their children for free money and healthcare that the UK can offer.We cannot call them migrants, they have not left because they want to or it’s preferable for them, they have fled from their homes, from what they know because otherwise who knows what they’ll face or if they’ll survive it.

If we’re going to decide, let those who need the help most receive it, children and the elderly. Extend our arms and hearts like Germany has because what happens is it will be remembered. People are not looking for 5 bedroom houses, luxury meals and gastric bands, they are begging for clean water, enough food to keep them alive and medicine for their children. Can we really deny a child the right to a life because they were born into a war zone?

I don’t know what I can do right now, I don’t have money to donate or things like that but I know that I have this little corner of the internet where I can show my support for the refugees and plead with British officials to help them. I will happily give my taxes in this time of need. I know there are children in this country suffering and I wish I had the answers to help everyone and it makes me so heartbroken and frustrated because I just want to help.

I stand with you refugees. I hope the rest of my country do too.

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