10 Things you forget if you haven’t owned a cat in a while


Going home for the holidays was so much fun, in particular I got to be the animal master. While Lottie was the chilled out pup she always is our new addition wasn’t as mellow. Ed isn’t even 20 weeks old yet, which means he’s a bundle of energy. We’ve never had a kitten before but we used to have a hyperactive cat called Tink for years and some things you forget about having a cat…

1. Meow has 50 meanings, but most of the time it’s ‘I’m hungry’.

2. 4am is playtime, who doesn’t want to play at 4am?!

3. Cat hair gets EVERYWHERE.

4. Nothing, at any height, is safe from being knocked over.

5. If you piss off a cat you better watch your back.

6. Play includes clawing and biting any limb.

7. Sleeping on someone’s head is comfortable…apparently.

8. Christmas trees are great to climb…as are chairs.

9. If they want your attention they will get your attention. No matter what.

10. All in all though, they’re adorable, loveable and so much fun. If I could have my own kitten at my flat I definitely would.

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