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Growing Up With Paramore

Friday night I was lucky enough to go and see Paramore for the fourth time. I’ve been a Paramore fan since I was 13 years old and coincidentally since I met Ali, but Paramore isn’t about just that.

I think everyone has a band or artist that impacts their life, for me that was, and still is, Paramore. Hayley talked a lot on stage about how the band and fans have grown up together and it made me think, a lot about what the band meant to me. If I’m honest, I got a bit emotional.

When I was that 13-year-old who first heard Riot I was just getting into my own identity and working out, as a teenager, who I was. A friend recommended this band, Paramore. I loved it and I loved the lead singer she was short, a redhead with a big voice. She was everything  I wanted to be.

I listened to Riot on repeat and I met a boy that I really liked. I waited for Brand New Eyes to come out and it was like nothing I’d ever listen to. I fell in love with each and every song and they made sense. Brand New Eyes came out in 2009, it was around this time I was struggling with Depression, it hit me hard and that album got me through, The Only Exception became ‘our song’.


Couple Paramore 2010, 2013, 2014, 2018

When Zac and Josh left the band, I was devastated, I thought the band I loved was over. And then the singles came out, and then ‘Paramore’. At first, I didn’t get it, it seemed petty, it didn’t measure up to Brand New Eyes, all of these thoughts went through my mind. Then my band broke up, I was leaving for uni and the unknown. Suddenly it all made sense. The lyrics, the music it all made sense. My heart soared and it felt like the music held me together for the next few years.

Then another album and another part of my life, ‘After Laughter’. I’d graduated I was an ‘adult’ now but things weren’t going to plan. The single ‘Hard Times’ was released on the 19th April and it seemed to be the perfect thing for me, I’d lost my job 2 weeks earlier and graduate life wasn’t great. I listened to that song obsessively, again the tracks made me feel a little less alone, a little more capable. Then the album came out and ‘Rose Coloured Boy’ and ‘Fake Happy’ became my anthems.

Hayley was right the other night when she said we’re not the same people we were when ‘Riot’ was released and ‘Misery Business’ was all I listened to on repeat. I felt so many emotions watching. I was proud of this band and proud of myself for overcoming so much shit in the past 10 years and still being able to smile.

This might be fangirling, might be OTT but I really feel like I owe Paramore.

What band is it for you?

Busted 2016


Tonight I got to see one of my absolute favourite bands from my childhood, Busted! It was these three guys that made me fall in love with the sound of guitars and pop rock in general. This is technically the second time I’ve seen them, but the first I was super sick and could only stay for two songs before my parents had to take me home 😦 Tonight though I managed to pick up super cheap tickets (half of the price) from someone who couldn’t go, offered one to the lovely Abbie and got to watch the opening night of Busted’s reunion tour Pigs Can Fly. I originally had tickets for the O2 Arena date but it clashed with Comic Con so I had to sell them, you can imagine how excited I was to find some last minute tickets. It was also amazing to see my favourite YouTuber perform for the first time and at Wembley Arena! Emma Blackery was amazing and her new music is sounding incredible. Whetus also supported and were…interesting but bought the house down with Teenage Dirtbag. I don’t want to say too much about the visuals, because I don’t want to ruin it for fans who are going to be seeing the tour later on. I laughed, sang, danced (well my equivalent of dancing) and just felt so happy that Busted were back because you never really forget the first band you fell in love with, do you?

One of my favourites performed at Abbey Road earlier this year


Fall Out Boy!!

Tonight will be a quick post about tonight’s concert, Fall Out Boy! I was lucky enough to get my sister and I tickets for her christmas present, as if that wasn’t enough my Nanna surprised me at the station with my Mum, it was lovely to see her as I don’t as much now I’ve moved up to Kingston. It was also amazing to spend some time with my baby sister and see her enjoying similar music to what I do, we still have a long way to go (even if I beat the One Direction out of her, I’m kidding!) but for tonight we got to rock out. Opening up was New Politics, a damn crazy band from Denmark who I really enjoyed actually then The Pretty Wreckless which I have to say for a band I’ve wanted to see since I was 14 I wasn’t that impressed the singer kind of either stood still making sex noises or crawled around the stage or up the other members…it was interesting. For the main event, Fall Out Boy! You could definitely tell the old fans (me) and the newbies (my sister) by the resonses to different songs. I knew all the words to the old stuff and went pretty crazy and my sister did that to the new album. It’s good I suppose, different fans but it was once concert when I didn’t feel a sense of togetherness and Pete speaks, a lot, a lot, alot.

So here are some picture from tonight! Although not the best I’ve taken but I took them with my sister, which was amazing. Hopefully it’s the first of many gigs together.



Hats off to you Miss Swift!

After WATIC last night I was pretty tired this morning so while Ali carried on sleeping I trudged off in the pouring rain to my seminar, not quite sure how I’d make it to Taylor Swift. My mood instantly increased when my tutor informed me that my essay had gotten me a first!! I was on top of the world, feeling happy and confident as well as excited to see my mum and sister later. With all the fuss about the tube strike the afternoon was filled with ‘will they wont they’ but thankfully the strike was cancelled and Mum managed to buy a last minute ticket…even if she was going to be sitting on her own.

To cut a long story short I was more than impressed with the concert after being a little aprihensive, was she really going to be that good live? I wont lie about the fact that I’m a fan of Taylor Swift, not huge but I have been for a good few years now and managed to listen to her stuff before she got huge over here in the UK. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Taylor Swift is not just a vocalist, she’s an actress, writer and accomplished musician. Tonight was a show in all forms, with incredible precision and costume changes, much to my sisters amazement. She also played so many instruments guitars, banjo and piano to name a few.

The best thing about seeing big musicians thought is when you can tell how much an audience means to them and Taylor proved that again and again with small smiles and looking around in amazement as well as opening with a long list of thanks. I don’t care if people don’t like her because seeing her live just proved to me how different musicians can be. I didn’t expect to love the concert as much as I did, and I would definitely go again, oh and new pop band ‘The Vamps’ were also pretty impressive for a group only just breaking the worlds stage! Oh and there was the small matter of Ellie Golding making an appearence!! Ok so I would have preffured Ed Sheeran but I am a little bit in love with him!

I managed to get some great shots on my camera ( thanks again Mum and Dad!) and I hope you enjoy some of them too!

We Are The In Crowd Day 1!


Tay enjoying the set

After a somewhat horrendous afternoon in town I met Ali at the bus stop and we went to queue up for We Are The In Crowd! I’ve been really looking forward to today because our local record store does acoustic in stores where for a small price you get to watch and then meet them. The cost of this ticket was only £11! So we decided to go and queue about 45 minutes before only to stand in the cold and say it would be another had hour…after doors didn’t open for 15 minutes past what they should.

The venue had been moved and there were a few grumbles because it was moved due to ‘high demand’. We went from a cosy intimate gig to a club called McCluskys (not my first choice of place to be in). As the crowd came in we realised that it wasn’t a huge demand but we were still near the front.


As I expected they were ace, they even admitted they had been practising in the bathroom before performing to us and I think they had fun despite being pretty ill. They seemed annoyed that they’d been moved venue and told to only play 3 songs (they played 4 though luckily).

Seeing them today has just got me even more excited for tomorrow! I’ve got a signed ticket, a new tour T-Shirt and I’m pretty damn happy. It’s off to KoKo in Camden tomorrow then Tuesday it’s Taylor Swift at the 02 (I know interesting choices!).

Play every gig like it’s Wembley

King Freddie gracing the stage of Wembley, the way he held the crowd was incredible


Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been in awe of Wembley stadium. I went with my parents to the old stadium when I was small we have pictures of me holding various trophies (what they were I don’t know) but the football wasn’t what started me off. So many of my favourite bands have played Wembley, although I haven’t been to a gig there yet I still wonder what it feels like. I think about what it would be like to stand on that stage with thousands upon thousands screaming back at you, a musicians dream.

So maybe I didn’t play Wembley last night for real but I certainly was in my head, the SU came alive! The boys and I finally took to the stage as an electric band…it was amazing. It helps when you have a friend in the crowd who knows the lyrics..that makes you feel like a bit of a rock star. I was nervous and panicked before hand honestly not knowing how to pull this off but we did it! The fun members of the audience (who didn’t sit miserably at a table) were moving and cheering through the whole set. Despite starting with a broken string the rest of it ran smoothly with very minor mistakes. I was just so grateful to all the people who showed up and cheered and just enjoyed our music.

I also ended up talking to people about the lyrics afterwards, it made me realise  that pain can actually be worth it. Try telling me that six months ago when my heart was broken! All the living I do comes out in the slightly messy way of my lyrics and last night I felt and lived them. The past is gone, I can’t change it and I can’t live in it so I’ve got something new to look forward too. My confidence has soared I feel like we could actually get somewhere with this (please like No People Club on facebook!). The best part was being compared to three of my idols after being told people want to buy our music, they were that into it!

The bottom line is that it’s times like these when I can accept myself for who I am, if it wasn’t for the depression would I have written the way I did? I don’t know but I do know that the hurt that went onto those pages is really paying off. So keep an eye out in the future, No People Club are on the way to the top…hmm this could mean a new tattoo.

Poison, thank you and goodnight!

As many of you know music is something that is incredibly important to me. I’ve been performing since I was around seven years old so the sudden anxiety attack at sound check tonight kind of threw me off guard.  After a truly awful sound check where I forgot most of my words, it’s safe to say I was a little upset. Ok, try absolutely freaking out. It’s been well over a month since I’ve performed and coming back to Basingstoke wasn’t helping my nerves. 

As we watched the other musicians I started to relax as well as freak out (an odd combination). I had the honour of watching my beautiful friend Nicole play and she writes such stunning music you can’t help but relax and enjoy it. 

In the end the night went incredibly well and the new songs got great feedback. As a result I was quite angry with myself because despite ALWAYS getting stupidly nervous, I hadn’t had a proper panic/anxiety attack in quite a while. I think it’s because of a pressure I feel to prove that we can move on from For All That Goes. As stupid as it sounds the break up really made me doubt myself as a musician and generally as a person so this gig meant a lot to me. 

So now there will be no more under 18 nights at Poison due to it being closed and it upsets me as I have good memories of the place. So really this is an entry about moving on I suppose. I’m hoping that I wont be as panicked next time and instead I will be excited next time I perform which will be open mic night… let’s wait and see!