We Are The In Crowd Day 1!


Tay enjoying the set

After a somewhat horrendous afternoon in town I met Ali at the bus stop and we went to queue up for We Are The In Crowd! I’ve been really looking forward to today because our local record store does acoustic in stores where for a small price you get to watch and then meet them. The cost of this ticket was only ¬£11! So we decided to go and queue about 45 minutes before only to stand in the cold and say it would be another had hour…after doors didn’t open for 15 minutes past what they should.

The venue had been moved and there were a few grumbles because it was moved due to ‘high demand’. We went from a cosy intimate gig to a club called McCluskys (not my first choice of place to be in). As the crowd came in we realised that it wasn’t a huge demand but we were still near the front.


As I expected they were ace, they even admitted they had been practising in the bathroom before performing to us and I think they had fun despite being pretty ill. They seemed annoyed that they’d been moved venue and told to only play 3 songs (they played 4 though luckily).

Seeing them today has just got me even more excited for tomorrow! I’ve got a signed ticket, a new tour T-Shirt and I’m pretty damn happy. It’s off to KoKo in Camden tomorrow then Tuesday it’s Taylor Swift at the 02 (I know interesting choices!).

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