Don Broco.


I’ve just come back from the worst gig I’ve been too. For the first time ever I’ve willingly left a gig (the only other time was when I was 8 and had Glandular Fever, so it wasn’t willingly). After all the stuff with the tickets, we got there early to pick them up so there wasn’t a rush. The tickets weren’t there for at least another hour so we walked around Camden and tried to keep warm, even after we got them we had a further two hours of shivering in the cold. I was so cold I couldn’t move and almost fell asleep standing up clinging on to Ali to try and keep some heat between us. 


waiting in the freezing cold 

Once we were in and near the front we finally warmed up. I was so excited, I’d waited for this gig for so long the tickets were actually a gift from my Mum. The support bands started to play and I wasn’t that impressed but you’re always polite to the support bands, always. That is part of gig etiquette, something which the majority of people didn’t have tonight. Still it was live music so I enjoyed it, even if the two damns didn’t really match the music we had come to see. Then the crowds started pushing and shoving. The problem was that people were getting crushed and nobody gave a damn, something you don’t do. I’ve been to a lot of gigs and if someone is about to go down you give them as much room as possible and either get them to the front to get them over the barrier or you let them move. It was the worst gig experience of my life, I couldn’t breathe and Ali was trying to keep me upright, as was the guy behind us with his girlfriend. The idiots around us were laughing pushing people for no reason and trying to ‘mosh’ unsuccessfully and at the wrong time. Idiots. They woudln’t even let us move towards the back so that I could get a drink and some air. 

After a while Don Broco came on. It cheered me up but I still felt pretty ill and people were still throwing themselves around like know what, and on top of that the sound was pretty bad. So we watched for a while and decided that it wasn’t worth it, we wanted to get out of there. It was sad that we left early but it was just not that great a gig, with really awful people. So now we’re curled up with How I Met Your Mother on TV and hoping there’ll be a good gig to go to next month.

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