Tonight Alive!


No zoom this is how close we were 

It’s not every night you get to stand right in front of one of your favourite bands, touch their tour bus and keep one of their drumsticks. It’s not every night you get to see an intimate gig with Tonight Alive. After storming the stage in Camden the night before an The Peel in Kingston seemed to be just perfect for the Aussie pop punk band whose album The Other Side is taking the world by storm (Ok so that’s me trying to be a journalist).

The best thing about this gig? It had to be Jenna’s fuck you attitude. When you listen to their older EPs and albums I think it would be fair to say you imagine Jenna to be sweetness and light let me set you straight she has fight in her. She definately kicks arse but not in a way that alienates her from the rest of the band. They are a group, although most people would recognise Jenna first she doesn’t play on this. I liked that she was totally a part of the band, too many singers just think it’s all about them and use the stage like that.

To put it simply I loved this gig. I may have been exhausted and in a lot of pain from my kidneys but it was worth it. Hey I even got to sing into Jenna’s mic and get her spit on my head, multiple looks from the guitarists and a drum stick. It’s things like this that remind me why I love music and how I feel at gigs. I might not have known all the words to the songs but the ones I did made me go completely crazy!

It was a great night back in Kingston followed by Pizza and a lovely evening of Ali look after me (well this is after making me lunch and making sure I was actually well enough to go).

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