Hats off to you Miss Swift!

After WATIC last night I was pretty tired this morning so while Ali carried on sleeping I trudged off in the pouring rain to my seminar, not quite sure how I’d make it to Taylor Swift. My mood instantly increased when my tutor informed me that my essay had gotten me a first!! I was on top of the world, feeling happy and confident as well as excited to see my mum and sister later. With all the fuss about the tube strike the afternoon was filled with ‘will they wont they’ but thankfully the strike was cancelled and Mum managed to buy a last minute ticket…even if she was going to be sitting on her own.

To cut a long story short I was more than impressed with the concert after being a little aprihensive, was she really going to be that good live? I wont lie about the fact that I’m a fan of Taylor Swift, not huge but I have been for a good few years now and managed to listen to her stuff before she got huge over here in the UK. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Taylor Swift is not just a vocalist, she’s an actress, writer and accomplished musician. Tonight was a show in all forms, with incredible precision and costume changes, much to my sisters amazement. She also played so many instruments guitars, banjo and piano to name a few.

The best thing about seeing big musicians thought is when you can tell how much an audience means to them and Taylor proved that again and again with small smiles and looking around in amazement as well as opening with a long list of thanks. I don’t care if people don’t like her because seeing her live just proved to me how different musicians can be. I didn’t expect to love the concert as much as I did, and I would definitely go again, oh and new pop band ‘The Vamps’ were also pretty impressive for a group only just breaking the worlds stage! Oh and there was the small matter of Ellie Golding making an appearence!! Ok so I would have preffured Ed Sheeran but I am a little bit in love with him!

I managed to get some great shots on my camera ( thanks again Mum and Dad!) and I hope you enjoy some of them too!

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