Today I queued for around 2 hours (on and off) in the pouring rain. Do I mind? Surprisingly no I don’t today I got to see one of my absolute favourite bands Deaf Havana! I was lucky enough to get tickets to a small record shop in town called Banquet Records and it is amazing, so many good live bands play there! It’s honestly an incredible place. After trying to navigate busses me and Ali finally made it to the record shop! Now the place can’t fit too many people in there so for only £10 each we got to see an intimate acoustic set and actually meet Deaf Havana afterwards! It was an amazing atmosphere and it just made you realise how normal they were. You could see some shaking hands, they talked openly with the crowd joking along and they had no diva side at all. It was just an incredible set and I honestly couldn’t believe just how good the harmonies were live, absolutely breath taking. As they sang one of my favorites ‘Hunstanston Pier’ I had shivers and just wanted to sing my heart out, the atmosphere was magical.  At that moment in time life just felt complete, I know how that sounds but I was where I wanted to be finally in uni, listening to an amazing band with Ali’s arms wrapped around my waist. I think I’m gonna like this place 🙂 

It got even better after that, I’m having a ball with my flat mates they’re all so lovely and we’re learning a lot from each other. I met one of the most prominent members of the Rock and Metal society today and I’m finally finding people who don’t want to go out drinking and clubbing all the time thank god! So for my birthday (which I am SUPER excited about) we will be heading to a local Rock, Punk and ‘Emo’ night which is so amazing as I’ve never even heard of that before. In short I feel like more of a musician than ever and people totally accept I want to study something different which is a first! 


Keep an eye out for the album guys 😉 and while your at it why not go and check out Deaf Havana’s those lads are diamonds! 


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