Fall Out Boy!!

Tonight will be a quick post about tonight’s concert, Fall Out Boy! I was lucky enough to get my sister and I tickets for her christmas present, as if that wasn’t enough my Nanna surprised me at the station with my Mum, it was lovely to see her as I don’t as much now I’ve moved up to Kingston. It was also amazing to spend some time with my baby sister and see her enjoying similar music to what I do, we still have a long way to go (even if I beat the One Direction out of her, I’m kidding!) but for tonight we got to rock out. Opening up was New Politics, a damn crazy band from Denmark who I really enjoyed actually then The Pretty Wreckless which I have to say for a band I’ve wanted to see since I was 14 I wasn’t that impressed the singer kind of either stood still making sex noises or crawled around the stage or up the other members…it was interesting. For the main event, Fall Out Boy! You could definitely tell the old fans (me) and the newbies (my sister) by the resonses to different songs. I knew all the words to the old stuff and went pretty crazy and my sister did that to the new album. It’s good I suppose, different fans but it was once concert when I didn’t feel a sense of togetherness and Pete speaks, a lot, a lot, alot.

So here are some picture from tonight! Although not the best I’ve taken but I took them with my sister, which was amazing. Hopefully it’s the first of many gigs together.



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