What Do You Do For Fun? 23 and ‘Boring’

I was recently asked what I do for fun, what my hobbies are. I replied as I always do I blog, I read a lot and I write. People don’t really believe me when I say that’s what I do for fun. Don’t you go out? Don’t you drink etc, etc. That’s usually how it goes. So sometimes I think about it, am I boring for my age?

I’ve never been one for regularly going out to clubs and partying. When I was a teenager I went to house parties, hosted by my boyfriend. When I was in college I didn’t go out drinking still, only to a few house parties. In my first six months at university, I went out to a club grand total of two times the first I was on the night bus crying by midnight because I had an anxiety attack. The second time I came home early. In Second year I’d get drunk so I wasn’t anxious and go out with friends. In Third year I didn’t go out at all. Then I graduated and became even more comfortable with my own life.


You might follow me on Instagram and think, hang on I’ve seen pictures of you out with friends. I do go, occasionally. Once a month my friends and I try and go out for drinks or I might go to see or do something. For a long time, I got hung up on the fact I didn’t feel ‘normal’, I felt ‘boring’. I had this idea in my head of what I was meant to be doing.

There is a pressure I think. Travel the world, but save money. Go out and party, but spend all your time networking and building a career. Have fun, but think seriously about your future, you only get one chance. All of these things going through your mind.

The thing is, I like staying at home and reading books or writing. Blogging makes me happy. Spending time on my craft, reading a really good book, having lie-ins or just chatting with my boyfriend is a good weekend. I like going out and seeing and doing too but I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not going out every weekend.

I thought, for a long time, the worst someone could call me was boring. I was fun right?  I was entertaining? People would want to hang out with me? I tormented myself worrying about this shit. Slowly, I’m working towards not caring about that stuff, about doing my own thing and what makes me happy. And, for me, that’s what’s important doing things I love to do rather than what everyone else is doing.

I want to hear from my lovely readers! Do you ever feel like you’re not doing ‘what you should’ or a bit boring? Do you ever feel under pressure to be or act a certain way because of your age? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “What Do You Do For Fun? 23 and ‘Boring’

  1. Emma says:

    I am exactly the same. Never really one for parties and like to stay home and write. Now I’m 30 and have a two year old I dread going into work and having to put up with the usual small talk – do anything fun last night/at the weekend? No. Never. At least not according to their standards anyway.

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  2. Kristina says:

    all I do now is basically is go to work and chill xD and I don’t even work full time … I do feel guilty if I haven’t got out of the house, nor did anything “productive”, but eh. I’ll blog, i’ll chat with fellow book blogger on discord, I’d game out … and when I do get out I bring my weeins with me to go grab some food for them or something x) when i’m not I’d go buy more coffee and shop a bit. I don’t really do anything else.

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  3. lizeindisneyland says:

    I’m exactly the same. I’m 23, 24 next month, and I hate going out – I feel more dragged out and I never look forward to it. And because my friends don’t enjoy my boring pastimes I can never really do anything with them for my birthday because they expect a night out. Glad I’m not the only one x

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  4. Angie Garwood says:

    I’m 24 and would MUCH rather stay in and read/write than go out and spend money on alcohol! I love a good dance but..I feel amazing after a good night’s sleep/ finishing a book! (I’m an oldie at heart I think…) x


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