I Have a Skin Care Routine?


As you all know, I’m not a beauty blogger, in fact, I wrote a whole post about it. That said, as I get older or should I say as my sister gets older I’ve gotten more interested. That and I’ve really had problems with my skin recently.  I get most of my recommendations from my family and friends, but I’m getting there. Now, I have a skincare routine!

Why now?

This wasn’t something I set out to do, I was just using wipes for my skin. Then in the latter half of 2017, I started having real trouble. I’d always had spots but they come and go.  Then my skin got worse and developed into acne and I got stressed, the most stressed I got, the worse my skin got. I needed to try something. My Mum decided to get me the stuff that she uses to see if it would help! I’m also pleased to say that Elemis is also cruelty-free!

What is my routine?

  1. Put some Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm into my hands to warm up. Once warm, spread evenly across my face. Using warm water, massage the balm into the face in circular motions. Once done, wash away with warm water. Pat face dry.
  2. Take Rehydrating Ginseng Tone and spray on to a cotton pad  (I get mine from Superdrug but you can pick them up anywhere) and wipe my face.
  3. Put on a layer of moisturiser and rub into skin.


Has it worked?

 I have seen a difference, in my skin. It’s definitely looking healthier and gradually it’s making a difference but, of course, when I have PMS my skin is awful and there’s not much that can help in that scenario, it’s a whole league of its own. That said, once I’ve completed my routine I feel so much better and so much healthier!

Do you have a skincare routine? What do you use? Let me know in the comments below!

This is NOT a sponsored post, these are my own opinions.

6 thoughts on “I Have a Skin Care Routine?

  1. Cara says:

    Hi Chloe,
    I definitely understand skin issues! When I hit 30 I developed horrible cystic acne and aside from antibiotics, nothing would clear it. I’d never had bad acne before, even as a teenager…just the minor spot. Finally a friend recommended Peter Thomas Roth products and after speaking with a Sephora associate, I bought the 3% Glycolic Acid Wash. I’m telling you it is a miracle product and after 2 weeks my skin was clearing and a month later the acne was gone! That was 3 yrs ago and my skin is back to normal. I’ll get an occasional breakout but no cysts. I’ve been told that Glycolic Acid promotes cell turnover and helps to kill the bacteria but all I know is it works. My skin is also bright and smooth. Sorry for the long comment but wanted to share a product that worked for me. Good Luck!!! **Just an aside–only but from Sephora, Ulta or the PTR website bc I found out the hard way that the ones that Amazon or Overstock sell are either fake or expired.

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