Manic, manic, manic

I’ve realised that I’ve been writing every 2 days instead of every day…whoops. It’s been manic, I’ve been in practice every night, I was off uni head sick on Monday, seeing lecturers Tuesday, Horse Riding and work yesterday (although that post will be uploaded) and then uni and practice again today.

Right not I’m barely getting enough sleep and food let alone having time to solidly write…apart from the other night went I found some old novel pieces and got VERY excited. I’m exhausted and not looking after myself too well…yes, yes I know it’s naughty of me!

This happens once in a while it’s all go,go,go! I have, however, planned nothing at the weekend so I’m hoping to catch up with some rest and make sure I can get rid of my bad mood that keeps trying to creep back in.

It’s definitely a case of trying to maintain balance as a girlfriend, a friend, a band member, a student, a Student Ambassador and trying to keep in touch with my family. I think all students feel a little bit more stressed this semester, we know we need to work hard and there’s only 2 months and 2 weeks until we finish lectures for second year…gulp.

So either way I want to be more organised with this blog, if I know I’m going to be busy maybe plan ahead and write lots more to do list.

Right now I’m off to Nando’s and then booking a trip to Prague! Speak later! šŸ™‚

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