No People Club play Central London!!!


Outside while loading in

I’ve always loved London, even when I was little, tonight I got to play in one of the greatest cities in the entire world! We’ve been planning this gig in Piccadilly Circus for ages now, hence all the practicing this week and songwriting to try and get just one more finished in time, but we did it! We played, we got the crowd going and a lot of people wearing No People Club stickers, yippie.

It’s times like these where despite being exhausted after a full week and some crappy lows that I want to get on the road and get paid. I love my academics too but this was just something else. Thanks to some of our great friends and family we also reached our target number of people attending, although I don’t think I’ll ever live down my ‘stage dancing’ with my friends!


A sneak peak of the unedited pictures that Sophie took! 

It really was an amazing experience, we even got some amazing photos out of it from Sophie Jones (Dan’s girlfriend), she’s a very talented photographer and I can’t wait for you guys to see the finished shots.

Although I definitely crashed when we got home (and I mean really crashed, 13 hours of sleep to be exact), I’d do it again…hopefully soon.

Thank you to everyone who came tonight, No People Club are on the up! 😀

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