We Are The In Crowd…day 2!

Photo: WATIC Day 2, Pizza Party!!!

To put it lightly today was a rush. After waking up early to make sure I am on time for my driving lesson (much better, haha!), my mental health mentor appointment and finally getting back to have some lunch before heading into Camden.

I hate to say that tiredness got the best of me as well of the drain of my mentoring session, I wasn’t the easiest person to travel with and I hate that I might have put a downer on Ali’s good mood. I decided to try and snap out of it, after all how many times would I get to eat with We Are The In Crowd! So while wondering around Camden I started to get excited and counting down the hours despite how damn cold it was in line.

The first to hug Tay Jardine!!! 

We paid more than most for the opportunity to meet and have pizza with the band but it was SO worth it! As with yesterday they were all lovely and being able to have a conversation with people who inspire a lot of my music and just talk to them. They were all really sick still and spoke very openly about the tour, promising to give it their all and bloody hell they did.

I got kicked in the head 3 times (crowd surfers) but got to be on the barrier for every second and loved every minute. The pictures are a joint effort from Ali and I (taking pictures on the barrier was very difficult) and I hope they express just how active the gig was. Although We Are The In Crowd have cancelled the rest of the tour ,the dedication they show means this  decision wont have been taken likely.

Even though I’m back and exhausted this wont be a night I’ll forget easily and I’m inspired to carry on with the guys, write songs and hopefully tour myself.

Photo: Yeahhhhhh!!!

My Pass for the night! 

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