Happy Birthday Lexi Lou!!

Alexia Sidney, around 3 months old

I always tell the story of how I found out about Alexia but for this time I’ll keep it short and sweet for you guys. I’ve been friends with Lexi’s mum Lucy since we were in year 7, I used to call her frizz because I kept forgetting her name.Β  Two years ago I got a surprise when I found out Lexi had been born and a few weeks later I met her for the first time and she cried, and cried, and cried. That didn’t change but I did fall head over heels in love with this little girl and her big eyes. So today Lexi turns two years old!! Β I love being a Godmother it’s a fab job, especially when I get to run around with Lexi and act like a kid. It lets me let off some steam and gives Lucy a well deserved break. Today I can’t see her while I’m in Kingston she moved with her clever mummy to Winchester while she pursues her law degree (Lucy I mean, not Lexi I mean the kids smart but now that smart). So this is my way of saying a very happy 2nd birthday to my amazing Goddaughter, she’ll never know just how much joy she gives me and how much I love her. Happy Birthday Lexi Lou!!

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