The first proper day…and possibly the best.


Ok so today got off to a ‘proper’ student start. I hit snooze on the alarm and luckily woke up half an hour before I had to be on the bus. Brilliant. I managed to run to the bus stop where thankfully the bus was running slightly late! I headed off to Creative Writing with Beckiie which turned out to be a very amusing lecture, full of lots of laughs and starting to get excited about the course. Surprisingly we were told the rest of our 9am Lectures weren’t needed so we could enjoy ourselves, result! On to English Literature where the atmosphere was seemingly more academic and there were a lot more people! It is very organised and a bit daunting but luckily we have a very welcoming year tutor. It was also a day of a lot of busses again, we are slowly working out which ones go where. It all seems a bit boring to be honest but the day at uni wasn’t the fun part really, it was ok but there were a lot of introductions and all that jazz today. Later on Beckiie and I headed back to mine to be joined by my lovely flat mate Jamie a lovely American girl. It is so interesting learning about other cultures and we had a very long chat about the UK and USA before going to my room to try and get our timetables (still not there, sigh).

The best part was our little trip up to Kingston Hill tonight. we ended up eating the boys home made soup, having a great chat and finally having a jamming session. It was nice because Beckiie and I have had trouble finding people into our kind of music and people who would rather stay in and chill rather than going crazy in a club. It was honestly so much fun, I can’t wait to do it all again. As for tomorrow we will be off to a play in London as part of my work for Be the Red Carpet (check them out!).


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