The day I became a real Journalist!


I realise that a lot of my posts are being very boring and samey at the moment. It’s just constantly saying goodbye, packing and being nervous. Today I thought this post would be the same and I’m very aware of boring you all! So to my surprise whileI was eating with my Mum I recieve and email from Be the Red Carpet magazine (something I have recently joined) asking if I could cover a phone interview with Lee from 90’s pop band 911 as they are making a big come back. My nerves were in pieces and me and mum had to run around town trying to get everything done as I researched, wrote questions and prayed my phone wouldn’t die before I called him. So my first interview took place in my mums car in the town center car park, luckily Lee was an absolute star and was so kind to me. It was so surreal to just phone him up and have a chat although it always helps when the person is laid back. I definately want to be a journalist now, well if I can’t be a musician I will specialise in music and events. It gave me so much self confidence!

Today was non-stop from the minute I woke up. After shopping and the interview I raced to my grandparents to say goodbye and have my family birthday party with all my little cousins, it really was a lovely time. Then tonight packing again! There have been tears already between me and Mum but that’s to be expected, we cry at anything and eveything. I’m not nervous about moving yet, I don’t think it’s hit me properly. I’m really hoping everything fits in the car tomorrow!!!

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